They aren't nearly as nice as you thought.
The 1st Docu-Dramedy Series on Interactive TV

NOT EXACTLY A DISCLAIMER:  Nothing you see here is fiction; every exhibit leads to real evidence and real people.
I was there, I ought to know.  I am using a new form of re-enactment entertainment, a Docu-Dramedy, produced as a TV series integrated with 2-Way Interactive TV to allow you, the audience, to weigh in on this soap-opera which destroyed millions, and has taken our freedom and economy to the edge.  As new 'characters' surface through audience comparison and verified discovery, which we anticipate happening, new reality-based characters can be added to the unfolding story.
                                                  --- Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, Producer, NeoCons 


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I tried to tell you

It's Not Ideologies - Ideas are used to divide us
 NeoCons are not Ideologues, but Fascists.

 A Fascist wants a highly centralized government allied with corporations which control the economy and our lives, generally for 'our own good.'  This form of government allows corporations to use the government to assert absolute control over every part of our lives.  This is essential to perpetuating the profits of 'the Elites'.  I call them Greedville but use the word you like.  They are the .001% and today they believe they own us.  We can change this here - and now.  We show you how they carried out their plan and what kind of 'employees' (minions) they needed to accomplish their goal.  
 Elites use government and the mainstream media to limit competition and destroy those who would expose them.  Edward Snowdon knew exactly what would happen to him. Smart guy.  
 Here, we are using one guy to illustrate how the Greedville Elites and my story to show how they operate.     John Fund is an important operative-in-place, but he is not an Elite, he is just an employee.  However, his two 'best friends' are Karl Rove and Dick Cheney. John H. Fund was recognized by Robert Novak for his lack of conscience and eagerness to ensure the stories the Elites wanted out there were published.  Most of his career was spent at the Wall Street Journal ensuring stories which the Elites wanted killed died unnatural deaths. The WSJ is original outlet for the Elites.    
 Our Show, takes you into the world of the Elites, the NeoCons, so you can see how they operate. They steal elections; they eliminate those who endanger them; they starve inventors or just take their work. 
 They employ people to assist in this who are delighted with the prosperity this creates in their lives.  We will get into that, too. Our explanation of how they operate uses examples related to Fund for two reasons:  1) this allows you to get to know the characters of each of these people, removing doubt. 2) it is my story and I have the evidence.  
 Expect to be shocked.  What you think of as The Right and The Left, are carefully manufactured divisions maintained to focus on an illusion instead of seeing the similarity between the 'ideologies' of these two groups today. 
 It took time to accomplish the goal of converting the word, "Conservative" to mean fascist, but they managed it. 
 In 2014 I wrote an article on that years 14th District of Ohio's Congressional race, calling all of the candidates with a list of five positions held by Barry Goldwater, who 

John Fund in 1983

was a Conservative. Two 'conservatives,' actually NeoCons, a fact of which they were oblivious, were running, as was a Libertarian and one very left Liberal Democrat.  All of the candidates except the Democrat were horrified when they discovered these positions on issues, which included gay rights, the right of a woman to choose to have an abortion, the use of marijuana, and accountability for polluters, were strongly held by Goldwater.  To a man, they were on the opposite side of each issue.  Most horrified was the Liberal who had been copying down the quotes to use himself.     
 Article: Published April 12, 2014 -
Will the real Conservative Please Stand?  
 It took time to convert the word, "Liberal," which once my family used with pride and conviction, to the same meaning. But then my family was running a stop on the Underground Railroad. 

The folks at the top of this page and to the left here are there because each of them is part of this story.  I well know there are many more NeoCons who are not mentioned.  Also, NeoCons come in many types.    Fund, for example, is paid to eliminate stories and other information which might prove difficult to explain for those up the food chain in NeoCon World.  Rove orchestrates stealing elections and operations such as the Swift-Boating of John Kerry.
   It is very possible more NeoCons will be added. Please suggest those to add and assist us in telling the story with your own documents which can prove the truth of what is being said. Our Crowdfunder for NeoCons, the 1st Docu-Dramedy Series on Interactive TV Show will be up soon.
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Slander and libel were used to silence me, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster  from 1998 until present day.  You were lied to.  The people who lied, and hired others to do the same, are named in the body of evidence available here. I meant it when I said this is personal; it is also the key to understanding how their take over of our country was carried out.
  The techniques I directly experienced have been used widely on others so the NeoCons could continue in power.  Ask yourself, "Should witnesses to crimes be allowed to testify?"       Yes.
"If witnesses are silenced, can justice have been done?"    ​No.
The DA in Manhattan ignored my statements and those of another witness in prosecuting   Criminal Case No. 121868/02. -Battery Against a woman 5'1" in her home. 
 I had the gall to refuse to be silenced. 

Read the evidence  

​​Disinformation Minion – Person who appears to work for a: publication/company/organization/a political party/candidate
but actually is working for an unnamed party to manipulate:
news/events/other people/or plant false information.  
   These people are paid to play dirty and they are essential to the Elites for reframing our reality through media.
We have examples of this.  Let's start with John Fund and Mike Murphy. 

              First Fund

John Fund - Placed at the WSJ as a NeoCon Asset.

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        NeoCons are one of those problems.   

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