John Fund - Winning by Attorney Intimidation

As you probably remember, John Fund, Lothario Extraordinaire, had several women in his line up of Useful & Eager Females (UEFs) at any time.  This had come to the attention of John Connolly, who authored Sex, Lies and the Tape - The John Fund Story , which Fund managed, with the urgings of Dick Cheney, to keep from being published in Talk Magazine.  See Bill from Atty John J. Walsh , with cover letter and itemized accounting of time spent.
    2003 was a big year for John Fund, followed by a continued career of disinformation work.  Presumably, the steady stream of UEFs who once filled his life with sex and other services has diminished. Time moves on for all of us.  But this letter was sent on the behalf of two of Fund's UEFs, Gail Heriot, the senior of the two, and Christina Reis, the younger.
   Below is the letter his husky and intimidating attorney sent to my webmasters, known as Group Professionals.  Mike Pickett, who did most of the work for me, I had gotten to know at Elks, where I was then Esquire. Sadly, Mike is now passed on. 
    If Mike and his partner Bob, had not freaked out and immediately taken my sites offline I would have shown him the chain of custody for the evidence Gail and Chrissy either were sexually active with Fund of appeared to be open to the possibility.         
Gail Heriot remains a professor of law at the University of San Diego.  As this law suit was being filed Heriot was libeling myself and Morgan to Gene Gaudette and others. She eas also involved in putting up an uncertified deposition online, an act which is illegal.    
Chrissy Hall-Reis, an employee of Christian Broadcasting Network, owed by Pat Robertson, sent these emails to John Fund, offering to run a slander campaign against myself and Morgan. 
    The claims made on behalf of the two women above hinge on the issue of personal privacy.  But each woman had become part of a conspiracy to libel me and Morgan and therefore was guilty of criminal acts.  The emails referred to were received on the computer owned by Morgan, not by John Fund. Morgan told me with, outraged when she found them. No one has a right to 'personal privacy' when the intent is covering up a crime which includes causing grave threats and bodily injuries to their intended victims. With Fund they made charges intended to allow them to evade accountability for their actions.  
    Keep in mind the timeline of these events:

January 13, 2002 - Email from Gail Heriot to John Fund, " So allow me to introduce myself. I am Gail Heriot, the woman whose hotel room you've found yourself in a few times over the last six weeks. First, for whatever reason, you get to me. There aren't that many men who do ....My four best qualities are that I'm smart, brave, true and industrious. There are many things I'm insecure about; these are not among them." 

January 19, 2002 - Email - Morgan moved into the apartment I had rented for her in Manhattan.  Soon, John had hunted her down and moved in.  Cheney
            had ordered him to, "handle the problem, which was not Morgan living with him but the charges of domestic violence from New Jersey.  Fund had forced Morgan to write a false statement before, on December 4, 2001, but it was not notarized.  Cheney wanted the statement notarized, it appears. See January 24th, below.       

January 21, 2002 - Email from Christine Reis Hall to John Fund, offering to provide, with her friend, Julie Currie, opposition research on Morgan and
             Melinda.  Link includes forwarded copy of an email between Reis and to understand this newly wedding Christian's special relationship with John. Part of the email reads, "As far as the mother/daughter go we could run all sorts of checks on them-litigation, etc....- to discount them.  As far as election fraud goes, well, you know." Actually, most of us think election fraud is wrong.  But given the willingness of these two women to attack me and Morgan solely on Fund's word, that should also be called into question. 

January 24, 2002 - Notarized affidavit by Morgan, acquired by threats​. Two Extorted Statements

February 19, 2001- I arrive in NY to see some plays with a friend and discover five minutes from the apartment, calling from the taxi, that Fund is there.  I
               can hear him yelling in the background. When I arrive Morgan is in pain and there is blood on her face.   
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