Federated Women Welcomed John Fund as a speaker 
January 8 - 9th 2003

If you are a member of an organization, which I was, you expect your fellow members to question what they hear about you if it seems bizarre and untrue. For this reason, the National Federation of Republican Women was a grave disappointment to me.  Joy Stewarr, opposite here, refused to even look at the documents I sent to her. Concealing abuse was her motive.  Power wrongly used irrelevant to her.  Our exchange of emails persuaded me she was incapable of thinking for herself and standing up for the truth.  I did not renew my membership either on the National, State of Local levels. 

It had been proven to me that traditional Republicans were never going to stand up for what was right, even in the case of someone who had been  member, worked for their causes, and was being damged by these lies.      

Joy Stewart of CFRW Bakersfield


CFRW Conference and Board of Directors Meeting
February 8 and 9, 2003
Ontario Doubletree Hotel
222 N. Vineyard Ave., Ontario
Phone: (909) 983-0909
Hotel Deadline: January 25, 2003

Saturday Guest Speaker: John Fund, Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Member

The Letters

From Melinda, Morgan's Mom , to Joy Stewart, CFRW President.

Subj: You are receiving copies FedEx.  
Date: 1/23/2003 10:32:30 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: MPF1free
To: JStew5945

Joy Stewart
California Federation of Republican Women 

Dear Joy,

I am sending you via e-mail, documentation of John Fund's abuse.  I am sending along this short letter so explain and clarify each exhibit, if you will.

I am sending them FedEx so you will receive them tomorrow.   Otherwise I am afraid that too much print quality could be lost during fax transmission. 

All of these documents originals are now in the hands of attorneys. 

No 1 - Letter from myself to John Fund at the Wall Street Journal dated October 27, 1999. 
I wrote this letter right after discovering that I had been lied to by John Fund in an attempt to keep me from believing he had forced my daughter to abort his child in March of that same year.  I was convinced by the tape, which you can hear for yourself on line at:  http://www.ruthlesspeople.com/transcripts.html

No 2. partial transcript of the tape.  Several pages

At this point he and Morgan were still lovers but not living together.  I moved out to New York, in large part because of my concern for her, on February 1 of 2000. 
When I was not in New York the two were using my apartment there and living together.  I had a conversation with John that year in which he assured me that he planned to marry Morgan as soon as the election was decided. 
In fact, he was having relations with many other women.  I will not disgust you with that.  There is a lot of evidence on paper. 

Morgan and John were together for all of 2000.  Morgan believed they were going to be married.  So did I. 
When I closed the apartment in NY in February of 2001 Morgan came back with me to California for a few months.  She then returned to NY and moved in with John.  This is when the battery started.  But, as you certainly know, emotional abuse accompanies physical abuse and this had been going on the entire time. 
While John was telling Morgan and myself he was going to 'do the right thing' and marry her he was telling other people a very different story. 

This is the background.  I hoped the relationship had a chance of success.   Obviously I was very wrong. 

July of 2001
When John returned from a trip to California soon after they moved in together John told Morgan he had denied their relationship to a group of Federated Women in California saying, "He didn't even know that woman," and received a standing ovation.  I would like your help in running down the club where this statement was made.  Our attorney wants the information for the slander and libel aspect of the suits. 

Bills Bills Morgan paid while cleaning up John's apartment in Jersey City Notice her signature for work done. 
Cable work order
ComCast statement

I know that John has told people various stories.  One is that she was never there, one is that she was there sleeping on the couch, one is that she sayed there for only a couple of weeks.  All are false.  She was living there with him and they were supposed to be working on their relationship. 

It is around this time he began battering her and also getting her to advance money for their household expenses out of her slim savings.  Control comes in many different forms.  He never paid her back.  He used the credit card she took out for him to date other women at the same time he was asking her to marry him.  She soon realized he had done this to drive her further into debt.  He never reimbursed her for any of the expenses he asked her to pay.  This is also the subject of litigation. 

Police reports. 
P-1 Jersey City incident report 11/6//2001
P-2 Jersey City Incident Report Continuation Form - 12/17/2001
P-3 Confidential Information Form
P-4 New York State Domestic Violence Report - 2/26/02
P-5      Criminal Court of New York, Order of Protection  2/23/2002

In mid December Morgan called me up to tell me that John had finally popped the question.  My stomach went through the floor.  She had told me about the battering in mid October and although I had begged her to leave she told me she still loved him.   Very reluctantly I agreed to host the wedding if and only if the battering stopped and John sought counseling.  I later found that John denied having asked Morgan to marry him. 
Here are copies of the related bills.  I later canceled the wedding plans. 

Wedding - Program (2 sides)
        Room rental
        Wedding cake

In the autumn of 2002 Morgan filed a lawsuit against John and others he had persuaded to help him destroy Morgan for various causes including the physical abuse.  Here are the moving papers. 

Please understand that I will know how persuasive John can be.  He 'confides' in you; he agonizes, he shares the 'real story,'he confesses, and he lies, and lies , and lies..  I began insisting that Morgan document every interaction with him because I was uneasy after the conversation where he told me he had never had a relationship with her in 1999.  That is why the paperwork fills many files at this point.  . 

Moving papers for lawsuit.  5 sheets

The depositions begin in late February.  I hope you can see how embarrassing this would be for the Republican Party.  Both Newt Gingrich and Trent Lott have been evicted from the Republican Party for less egregious behavior.  I think we both want to do the right thing.  The right thing is to cancel John's appearances at Republican events.  Any other outcome is unacceptable. 


Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 

Subj: Re: Correspondence Received 
Date: 1/26/2003 10:17:43 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: JStew5945
To: MPF1free

Melinda Pillsbury Foster:
I am in receipt of all of your correspondence -- emails and FedEx package. At this time, it is in the hands of legal counsel for review. I will have no comment nor take any action in any direction until legal review completed............

Joy Stewart, President

Subj: Re: Correspondence Received 
Date: 1/26/2003 10:44:36 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: MPF1free
To: JStew5945

A sensible approach.  Thanks. 
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Subj: Re: John Fund Matter 
Date: 1/27/2003 10:58:16 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: JStew5945
To: MPF1free
CC: JStew5945

Melinda Pillsbury Foster:

On the advise of legal counsel, I respond to your previous communications...........

#1) I advise you that all preparations for Mr. Fund to speak are in place and cannot be canceled
#2) I advise you that during the pendency of ANY litigation I am duly bound to keep CFRW out and above such matters.
#3) On the advise of counsel, I must demand that you cease and desist all further communications related to your claims and those of your family members to me and/or the CFRW.  CFRW is not a judicial body and is not empowered to make legal judgments.

Once the case is finalized, I will be glad to entertain your concerns.

Joy Stewart, President

Dear Joy,
       I have tried to keep this private.  I really, really didn't want to see the CFRW or the NFRW harmed by the negative publicity that will now become necesary. 
       But Morgan is my daughter.  Justice for her and the interests of the truth must come first.  I find it sad but amusing that you tell me not to communicate.  This is a clear violation of my First Amendment rights.  That you would try puts you in the catagory of petty and more than slightly stupid wanna-be tyrant.  I will be copying your letter to various people.   I don't take orders from anyone, much less the ethically bankrupt. 
       Domestic violence is an issue that has been overlooked and neglected for far too long.  It is one of the issues that no decent person, much less an organization for women, can ignore.  That is ending now. 
       You have decided in effect to give credit and endorsement to a man who you have been informed, with documentation, abused the daughter of a member; a man who has already slandered us from a podium provided by CFRW.   The records are in your hands.  You have seen the arrest record and the restraining order.
       That he abused any woman should have been enough.  That he abused and slandered the daughter of a member and that you have cooperated to stiffle my protests is so outrageous as to defy belief. 
       In so doing you endorse his ugly behavior and personally, by act of conscious will,  take responsiblity for everything he says at your podium and for the impression created both with CFRW, NFRW, and with the public at large by hosting him.  As the CEO of CFRW you are also incurring potential legal and moral liability on the behalf of the organization. 
       You have my phone number.  I find you many things but entertaining is not one of them.


Subj: Re: John Fund Matter
Date: 1/27/2003 10:58:16 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: JStew5945
To: MPF1free
CC: JStew5945

Subj: Re: John Fund Matter 
Date: 1/27/2003 1:44:56 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: JStew5945
To: MPF1free
CC: JStew5945

Dear Ms. Pillsbury Foster:
This will serve as my last and final communication with you. The matter is in the hands of our attorneys.......

I am very disappointed to read your latest communication.  The CFRW prides itself in the programs we provide to our members and officers.  We enjoy an excellent reputation and will do all that is necessary to protect it.

I will not debate you and/or your allegations.  However you interpret the constitution is your business.   There are, however, statutory prohibitions controlling the nature and content of such communications.  I must therefore  place you on notice that any further communication to me, my organization or any third party regarding your personal problems as they impact the CFRW will result in legal action under the provisions of defamation; both libel and slander.  Your issues with a member of the media who coincidentally speaks on occasion to our organization is not our organizations problem.

I have copied all of our communications to our attorney with a request that preparations be made to protect me and the CFRW.  This situation is now in your hands.  If you persist we will take all appropriate action to protect and preserve our name and reputation.

Joy Stewart, CFRW

Dear Joy,
       You have made yourself very clear.
       Despite your threats I will, however, be writing extensively on this subject in the coming days thus exercising my basic rights and obligations both of membership and of citizenship.  I will talk to members.  I will talk to the public.  I will talk to the media.  I take doing the right thing very seriously. 
       It might have slipped your notice that Federated Women is not a military or even a quasi-military organization.  You cannot give orders to members regarding their personal choices.  
       CFRW is an organization of women working to create better choices for future generations.  Dialogue, open and unrestricted, is a natural precondition of that process.  A public dialogue will now take place. 
       Your clutchings at the banner of false reputation have no merit. 
       Reputation is an earned value that is either ratified by the truth or debunked by the same careful scrutiny.  In other words reputation is earned and re-earned every day of our lives. 
       In this way O.J. Simpson lost his 'reputation' as a good family man.  He could not sue, his reputation was a facade having no reality. 
       Trent Lott and Newt Gingrich also had reputations, lost to reality. 
       It is a little more complicated for organizations, of course. 
       CFRW is an organization dependent on the good reputation of its members, as are all organizations.  Organizations act only through individuals and have no rights. 
       Most members of CFRW and NFRW are amazing women, dedicated, hardworking, kind, generous and filled with every virtue.  As individuals they have good reputations, personally and in business.  These accrue to the credit of the organization as a whole.  "See our members, " we say.  "See their honor and their diligence spelled out in hours given to home, community and country." 
       They dedicate their labors, money and reputations to the service of their ideals through CFRW.   
       Notice that the 'good reputation' of CFRW is not just for working hard it is for doing the right thing.  Members do the right thing in their personal lives and they expect that their delegated credit, or reputation, will be protected by their leadership. 
       All reputations are subject to continuous reevaluation by those who watch and judge our actions.  The final judge is our God, no matter in what form we find that s
acred presence.
       The CFRW is no different.  As an organization its membership may well have erred in electing you to a position of leadership. Your judgment may well be called to question on this issue. 
       When you cannot question your leadership you are living in a tyranny.  You are not free. 
       The fact you have been entrusted with the leadership of the organization means that you must exercise more, not less judgment and consider the good of the organization, as the reservoir of the public credit of its membership, before you consider the convenience of a speaker.  Of course you can cancel a speaker.  That assertion was a blatant falsehood.  You are making a choice and trying hide behind the credit of the organization.
       Organizational credit or reputation is the most important asset handed into the care of any leadership.  It's price is above pearls.  You, not I, are compromising the reputation of the CFRW.
       Reputation is devalued not by actions becoming public but by those actions having taken place.  Facades are not reality but pretense. 
       You have no right to a coerced confidentiality.  I have, rather, a positive obligation to make your actions public because otherwise I am silently participating in an attempted fraud on both the membership and the public by allowing you to present John Fund as a speaker of good repute. 
       I know why John is pushing you to allow him to speak.  I know how he operates.  Your motivations I do not yet understand.  But, with time, I am sure I will.  Truth is the daughter of time. 

copyrighted:  Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 2003