Eric Alterman Left-Bent
Disinformation supplier

John H. Fund NeoCon Operative Needing disinformation services

Katherine Rosman - Eager Alterman assistant

Wendy McElroy -Pantingly eager disincofmation quasi-professional 'writer.'

Gail Heriot- Fund assistant eager to be laid.

To:  The Ethics Committee, Society for Professional Journalists
March 4, 2019

I understand the Society’s points for ethical journalism are advisory only and not enforceable in a court of law.  That said, I am asking your assistance in a case that has continued to be used to libel and slander me personally and as a journalist. 
The motive of those spreading these false statements was, and remains, I have reason to believe, motivated by an ongoing cover-up.  Over the past nearly twenty years I have suffered through an onslaught of vile attacks on my character by a group including the two journalists named below. 
This request to you is limited to the two journalists who published articles without carrying out a single attempt to confirm the facts.  Neither had a single source not originating from John Fund, who invented the original story out of whole cloth.  Because Fund did not, himself, publish these libels I do not include him in this request.   
I am asking for you to review the case and using your organization's template for what is appropriate by that measure to provide an opinion on two journalists and one publication, which published, and a second which republished, which violated your points.

The names of the journalists are Eric Alterman and Wendy McElroy.

One prior article which appeared in the NY Post, Page Six, was cited by Eric Alterman as his source.  This was apparently chosen because of the questionable reputation of Page Six for accuracy and its content.  But Messing, the writer, while he did not contact me, also did not accuse me of behavior which was inaccurate.  I dated John Fund for a short period.  He continued to attempt to renew that short period of bad judgment on my part (one day) from 1982 until 1988.  This cited article does not name me and only repeats slightly reworded language found in the original article by John Connolly.
The article cited from Page Six was by Phillip Messing, but contains none of the specific information appearing in the publication where Alterman’s own article names me, accusing me of having “sent Morgan to NY.”  Morgan had been a problem for my entire family since she dropped out of middle school in the 8th grade. 

I provide a link to the narrative laying out the facts with the timeline during which these events took place with links to the articles in question providing the writer and place and time of publication.  

See Two Stories
I have written for the Lone Star Iconoclast and include a character reference from W. Leon Smith, the owner, and editor.  
Your attention to this matter is appreciated.    
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
[email protected]
Please feel free to contact the following individuals named in the articles cites
John Connolly – Sex Lies and the Tape – The John Fund Story
I have also contacted Philip Messing, Lloyd Grove, Cynthia Cotts, and Mark Crispin Miller