How John Fund Helped the NeoCons
Steal Freedom
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Articles from the Original How the NeoCons Stole Freedom - 2005

Note:  Story has some inaccuracies.  The notes in italics are mine, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster.  The author, John Connolly, has since moved on and written a book  Filthy Rich: A Powerful Billionaire, the Sex Scandal that Undid Him, and All the Justice that Money Can Buy - The Shocking True Story of Jeffrey Epstein Oct 10, 2016  by James Patterson and John Connolly  
I was struck at how much that story has in common with those who cooperated with John and the story eventually revealed by the article below.  Filthy Rich has been ordered and I will be reviewing here.- Editor


The Problem: Mark Foley, Republican Congressman from Florida, is a queer who lusts after underage boys. He is outed publicly just weeks before a national election that the NeoCons are hoping to steal.
Strategy: Attack! Muddy the water as needed. Begin disinformation campaign.
Personnel to be activated: Matt Drudge, John Fund, Tony Perkins, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter take point. They will activate the third tier political operatives positioned around the country. Many of these have no idea that their powerful friends are lying to them.
The Line: At the beginning: “Pity poor MARK Foley because he is a victim, having been sexually molested by a Catholic priest as a child. Mark publicly admits to drinking problems and so is a victim himself who is courageously admitting his failings. Bash Bill Clinton, the only Democrat who seems to have had sex with a woman although not his wife. The victims asked for it and enjoyed it.
These 'lines' are now being inserted into the discourse by Matt Drudge and others downstream in their chain of political operatives.
Mark Foley now admits he is gay; so is Drudge. On his radio show Drudge hosted his old friend John Fund.
2nd and 3rd Tier Operatives: The next level takes the Line and feeds it to the mainstream. MORE


On Friday morning, in the Superior Court of Manhattan, John Fund will face the consequences for his own actions. John Fund lied, slandered, libeled, and used his power in concerted attempts to destroy those who refused to be silenced. He is practiced in the skills of deception having studied under a master of that political art form, Karl Rove.

Our trust in justice does not die all at once, it seeps out through hundreds and thousands of small wounds over a long time.

The process of Justice in America has not been swift; it has been four long years. It is not certain; Robert Morganthau refused to prosecute the criminal case without explanation.

But in this case the victim has finally managed to have her day in

John Fund is being sued for battery, theft, and other causes; not the kind of action one generally thinks of politically relevant.

The victim of his violence and lies is Morgan Pillsbury Gell. Morgan, now married, is near term with her second child.

As the Bush – Rove Meltdown continues the pundits and other well paid operatives who have been providing services to the NeoCons on a long term basis are left looking wildly around for opportunities that offer them lucrative exits from the perception they have been, well, operatives. Forget loyalty, the only allegiance they swear to has dollar signs. One of these, John Fund, has recently been busy distancing himself from the NeoCon Cabal, edging away like an overweight crab. His attempts are boorishly obvious and so deserve a slight drubbing, which we here provide.

Fund took the opportunity to distance himself from former long time friend and drinking buddy John Doolittle in his trudge 'on the Trail' of politics with, “Doolittle, Too Late,”How a Reaganite idealist lost his way.” Admitting his long relationship with Doolittle Fund takes Doolittle to task for Doolittle's lavish grazing in the folds of such lobbyists as Jack Abramoff. These recently causes the Doolittle home computer to be carried off by authorities; According to Fund, “two months after taking office, the ostensible reformer (Doolittle) teamed up with Democrat Maxine Waters, a left-liberal firebrand with whom he'd served in the Legislature and who went to Congress in the same election as he did. Together, the two proposed a wish list of new perks that would make even European Unionbureaucrats blush.”

Fund goes on to say, “When word of the Doolittle-Waters memo leaked to the papers, the freshman Republican
reacted with indignation that Democrats in the House leadership had blown his cover. But Mr. Doolittle continued to behave like a perkoholic.” MORE

In Justin Raimondo's article titled, John Fund vs. the Truth, online yesterday morning at, Justin illuminates the many failings of Fund, former WSJ editorial page editor and now columnist for that increasingly questionable publication. If you examine the publications that have been used as tools for planting opinion and values useful to NeoCons for the past 50 years the WSJ will always be high on the list.

In the first paragraph of his article Justin links to an article by John Connelly titled, Sex, Lies, and the Tape, from 2001 which recounts the story of Fund's involvement with my daughter, Morgan Pillsbury and includes a transcript of the tape Morgan made to persuade me that she was telling the truth about their relationship in autumn of 1999. I had refused to believe her since her own veracity had proven to be questionable. I thought I could trust John, at least personally. I also thought that both Eric Garris and Justin Raimondo were my friends. Wrong on all counts.

The tape proved that everything Morgan said about Fund was true. So while I was caring for my son, still recovering from two near fatal brain injuries, I had to deal with John Fund. Life does not stop while you deal with more crises.

Why Scooter Libby is Toast and Rove will provide the butter:

And why no one connected with John Fund can get life insurance

Scooter Libby made a mistake. He thought he was a NeoCon Insider. It was a natural mistake for him to have made, his business cards, the perks, the deference, the salary, and the access to power, all spell out Insider using the usual formula for such. But he was wrong and will now find himself tossed off the back of the Sleigh of State into the gaping maws of righteous indignation, there to serve his ultimate purpose, scapegoat and distraction. The NeoCons waste nothing, not even their hapless tools, that is their environmental policy.

Your standing and importance in the NeoCon world depend not on where you graduated college, in Scooter's case Columbia University, or on your overt title or what you do in the administration, that is mostly window dressing. What matters is how important you are to the inner workings of the NeoCon Cabal. No one who came on board after 1999 is really an insider. The insiders earned that status far earlier; Insiders do the work you can't afford to have known. Therefore no matter what they must be protected.

Scooter's knowledge about the actions taken by this administration can all be parsed as missteps by those at his level. The very visibility he was allowed and his connection to so many events points not to his importance but to his expendibility. Those in this administration who know themselves to have been brought on board after 2000 who also participated in questionable activities should be contacting their attorneys and working on building up funds for their defense.

John Fund and the Brown Badge of Courage

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Somehow this disappeared from this site and others, for instance American Politics Journal.  Tell us why, Gene!

Cast your minds back to the primary season of 2000.  John McCain had begun a ground swell in the Granite State with a campaign that allowed American voters to contrast a real war hero willing to meet your eye and listen.  No matter what, McCain took no crap from anyone, especially a service-dodger like George W. Bush, the Son of Monied Oil. 

 McCain is not a man without faults, but a lack of courage is not among them. 
 Senator McCain was cleaning the floor with the Bush Baby when suddenly a rumor started to float across the panorama of politics covertly maligning the former POW. 
 John McCain, the rumor says, has an illegitimate love child who is half black.  His campaign screeches to a halt; the rumor, coming at a critical time, causes irreparable damage to his campaign, hitting him at the ballot box like a nuclear explosion.
 There was no truth to the rumor.  McCain and his wife have an adopted child who is of mixed heritage but neither of them is biologically related to the child they took into their home and hearts. MORE

MONDAY, MARCH 06, 2006
As demonstrated by revelations on the much maligned competence and foresight of Michael Brown and the treatment alloted to Scooter Libby all of you supposed NeoCon Insiders should pause to reflect on the reality you presently face. You may think you are a NeoCon Insider but if you were only brought on board as recently as 2000 you are most probably not.

No matter how elegant your office space or how impressive your title and rich your paycheck the chances are that in this administration you are there either for the same reasons Scooter and Brownie got their jobs or you are there for something that is, p erhaps, even more devious. If, like others, you were astonished to have received your appointment you should allow the shivers of fear to percolate through your nervous system. It is only reasonable to be nervous.

All administrations must needs fill thousands of appointments but only this administration has done so with such a devious agenda, laying out the battle ground in advance in curious ways.

G. Gordon Libby fell on his sword because he was self programmed to do just that; it accorded with his views. That will not be the case with yourself. The NeoCons doubtless noted what good cover he made.  MORE

In the wake of the Alito confirmation the Left is in shambles, unfocused, unbalanced, and unable to act. They are not alone.

Large sections of those who identify themselves as republican or libertarian or independent are living through a deer in the headlights moment; they know that the executive mandate now poised like a sovereign anointing over the head of George W. Bush is the last thing they want. But their tools for organizing political protest, the Republican Party and the Libertarian Party, are lost to them, swallowed up by the NeoCons who so suavely converted their labor and lives to cold hard cash in NeoCon pockets. NeoCons are no more Republican than they are Democrats.

The 'game' of politics has turned into a reality as frightening as Godzilla arising from the Hudson River to eat New York.

That is the bad news. The good news is that the means are within our grasp to drive a wedge in the machinery of tyranny now poised to roll over the rights and lives of Americans. It is time to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and to get serious about a common understanding of our rights, where they originate and who has them. MORE


A Republican Woman Speaks out

As a Republican I have long worried about the erosion of freedom in America. It was a concern for freedom that propelled me into politics when I was eleven, having read Conscience of a Conservative by Barry Goldwater. It was a desire to leave a more civil America for my five children that has kept me in politics all of my life.
Many things changed for all of us on September 11th. From the place of unity and trust that followed the tragedy of September 11th we have moved to a state of unprecedented hostility, division and fear.
Remember for a moment the outpouring of compassion from the world and the way we came together during those days when volunteers from every walk of life throughout the world worked to aid survivors in New York. That is the real America, the America that each of us loves and trusts; the America that speaks a vision beyond the partisanship of politics and inspired the world as a shining beacon of hope.
That trust had been used by the Bush administration to cancel the Bill of Rights and install a federal monarchy. The Bush White House has betrayed both America and the Republican Party. No real Republican can support George W. Bush.


The Rules for NeoCons
as played by Karl Rove

An exercise in political satire protected by the 1st Amendment
(At least there used to be a 1st Amendment)
By Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Karl Rove started life with a dream. That was an image of him, sitting at his ease in the White House enjoying the perks of power along with the good life. Instead of collecting baseball cards as a kid the chief Bush strategist collected cards with the smiling faces of congressmen, presidents and men like Machiavelli. He read every word ever published about politics before hitting puberty. Instead of memorizing baseball stats he memorized the minutia of political intrigue. His motivations were entirely personal. He is not an idealist and he is certainly not an ideologue like his buddies Irving and William Kristol, the most prominent proponents of Straussianism* Karl Rove didn’t need a justification to lie and cheat his way to power. He just did it. He is a natural supercharged by the trauma of a boyhood of social deprivation and exceptional nerdism.
Karl Rove is a practical guy who never lets ethical irrelevancies confuse him.
Karl Rove wanted to win at any cost. He worked hard to accomplish his goal. He wanted to win so much he built his own president and reformatted the unspoken rulebook for acceptable behavior in America’s political life. Some of you may have been unaware there were rules, given what has gone on in government for the last 200 years. But there were a few.

Hear why Coulter deserves more than just a slap on the wrist from Lydia Cornell this Friday on the Spiritual Politician.

Got this in my e-mail today.

“(Washington, DC) – Log Cabin Republicans President Patrick Sammon made the following statement about pundit Ann Coulter's remarks at CPAC:

"Ann Coulter should be embarrassed by her anti-gay remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Coulter's words are not worthy of this event or our nation's political dialogue. Intelligent people engage in political debates using ideas not insults. Unfortunately, she has made a career out of saying increasingly outrageous things just to garner headlines and shill her books. Ann Coulter is more interested in soundbites than substance and she has become more ridiculous than relevant. She obviously has no shame."”

Log Cabin, the club for gays and gay rights within the Republican Party, came out with the above, sent to its membership this morning. I was slightly bemused because the subject line read, “Ann Coulter - Log Cabin Responds - Inclusion West for Melinda” I have been writing about Coulter, the CPAC event, and the NeoCon take over of what was once my home in the Republican Party for the last several days. But nope, this was just their update with my name inserted for that personal touch. MORE


Anne Coulter: Getting rich by destroying freedom for women

Anne Coulter wears skirts so short you can see her brains. Or you could if she had any. She is the best argument that the foamy-mouthed Right has made for the immediate passage of the long delayed ERA.
Nasty? Yes, and like all humor it arrives at a truth seen but not spoken.
Coulter is the unwoman prime of this generation; the latest and least representative of a species of women who have carried the ball, and presumably the coffee, for an establishment that wants more than anything to deny women the seats they earn at the table of power and their place in deciding for themselves how their lives will be lived.
The ERA is history but it is also the future. Americans assume equality for men and women by an overwhelming percentage. A recent poll from Opinion Research Corporation found that 96% of all Americans believe that men and women should have equal rights even as the Foamy-mouthed Right, and Libertarians deny it to women by blocking the passage of the ERA.
Congress will be taking up the question again. So far the measure has 186 cosponsors, nearly enough to push it past the blockage put up by Republicans.
That, and other factors mean it is about to happen despite Anne Coulter.


(The Portraits of Dorian NeoCons)