John Fund - Disinformation Agent for NeoCons

When, exactly, did Dick Cheney decide to steal the Iraqi Oil Fields for friends in the Industry?

False Witness - The Reality Behind the Ninth Commandment
If this had not happened to me, I would not have believed it.  But it happened.  Looking at the outrageous statements, none of which includes a scintilla of proof, it is easy to see how we have been controlled by the NeoCons on both sides of the ideological wall.  Look at the many documents linked below, as cited.
The #Me Too! Movement is causing change - but the issue is much larger than you realized.

You need the facts on the psychopaths who had the means, motives and money to Plan and execute 9-11-01, how the Bushes and Clintons kept Saddam Hussein in-country, invaded Iraq for the oil companies old claims and equipment,….and to the media-political operatives who have controlled what we know up to now.
John Fund, as one example, began his career as an agent for disinformation and continues this work today.  It reflects badly on the Freedom Movement that not one person has ever called to ask me for my side of the story.  This is the real function of the 9th Commandment, ensuring the slandered party knows what is being said about them.  What is conveyed privately, behind one’s back, confidentially, makes it impossible for the person slandered to respond.   
If you hear or read stories about what I supposedly did, send them to me.  I will be grateful, not angry. 

Consider:  How do you stop questions being asked?  When people are either embarrassed, did not want to be bothered with the facts, because they dismiss it as ‘personal’; or, and this is an important reason, they believe they will benefit from believing the lies.  Read the narrative below.  Documentation is lavishly provided. Now, read on, and if you realize one of these people lied to you about me, please write down the lies told to you, and send them to: 
                                                                                                                    – Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
                                           [email protected]

Who Is John Fund, Really?
During the years the NeoCons, aka Neoconservatives-fascists, first closely associated with BushCo, were rising to power, 1984, John Fund was placed at the Wall Street Journal to ensure stories useful to the NeoCons appeared, while others did not.  Following these directions, Fund determined the ‘pitch’ useful to his real employers, BushCo.  BushCo had hired Karl Rove, still in college, because of his ability to steal an election internal to Young Republicans in the 1970s.  Bush Senior was impressed.  Rove has worked for or in close alliance with them ever since.  So, has Fund. 

Talent has many measures, depending on what you want to obtain, and are willing to do to get it.  Rove and Fund would become part of a small group of operators who still work directly together. 

Morgan Pillsbury Gell, born Carolyn Anne Barteaux, from during my first marriage in 1967, told me in 2001, she had seen Vice President Dick Cheney’s, and White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove’s phone numbers as Number One and Number Two on Fund’s speed dial.  Morgan had a sexual relationship with Fund for three years, the two lived together for two years and were engaged to be married.  More on Morgan .  

Fund is well remembered for phony stories, exaggerated accounts, rumors, and scandals he told during the early Clinton presidency, which was, itself, a disaster for reasons having nothing to do with Fund.  Fund displayed glee at his ongoing serial expos s and delighted in the impact these stories had on readers, making up stories out of whole cloth in cooperation with associates, for example, Matt Drudge. 

Additionally, he had a list of individuals with whom he ‘shared’ these stories to their own connections, multiplying the impact, as then these were perceived as coming from an ‘insider.’  By this definition, I was a Fund ‘Insider.’  However, Fund’s motive for calling also included discovering what I was writing, as he would steal my political ideas routinely.  These had nothing to do with personal attacks on anyone. 

Fund began calling me to plant his stories in the early 1990s, when he realized I was a member of the National Federation of Republican Women and a member of the same club as Arianna Huffington, Montecito – Hope Ranch in Santa Barbara, California.  I started taking notes but did not reconvey these outlandish ‘stories’, which included Bill Clinton having a tattoo of a flag on his penis.

I was revolted, especially when John gloated, making the claim he had caused Vince Foster to commit suicide.  No decent human being could find joy in causing another human being to kill themselves. 
In 1999, John Fund was slated to become George W’s speechwriter as soon as W was elected.  His work as a disinformation agent had earned this for him.  BushCo is the front end for the NeoCon cabal then taking point for the .001% which stole the 2000 election and took us to war for the oil industry in Iraq.  Before we get to The Tape, which reveals Fund’s real character, you need to know about his Early Life. By 1998, I no longer trusted Fund politically.

Perhaps for some these revelations come as a sudden epiphany, but in this case I only rarely saw John Fund so it was the piling up of multiple phone conversations which moved me to distrust and questions about his asserted allegiance to the free markets, personal liberties, social justice, and the agenda which had drawn me into politics originally. 

Socially, I was placed to be placed in an awkward position because although I had no communication with Morgan from March 1998 until late September or early October of 1999 I had taken her part against Fund when she proved to me, beyond doubt, he was a blatant liar by recording and playing The Tape which she would later provide to John Connolly to persuade him to write and publish an article, "Sex, Lies and the Tape - The John Fund Story ," which proved Fund to be a complete  hypocrite.  Later, when Eric Alterman blankly stated I sent Morgan to New York to seduce Fund I was speechless.  It was as if I had been accused of the unthinkable. I had spent 1998 struggling to survive the continuous attacks carried out by my estranged husband, his attorney, and as I would learn later, Morgan, Dan O'Dowd, Craig's co-conspirator in the plot to bring about my death, and assisted by Michael Emerling Cloud, Craig's best friend.  

It was a stunning experience.  What I did not know was Morgan's reason for getting in touch with me after bedding both Fund, and most egregiously, my former husband, who she said she viewed as her father.  There are some degrees of depravity which seem to be impossible, this was one of them for me.  

Morgan wanted me to help her force Fund to marry her. From the time she was in her teens, a wealthy husband had been her plan for a career. It was only after two years of manipulation by Morgan I realized this. Having gone through Eddy Van Halen and Eugene Volokh, she had decided Fund was her last hope of achieving her goal.  John Fund, as a disinformation agent, faced disaster by continuing a relationship with Morgan, which he would discover to his probable chagrin.

It was a disaster all around, actually.  John's career in Disinformation continued.  At the National Review he has not changed, he is just not as prominent.      

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Not the best Disinformation Agent but the most persistent.