John Fund's Lies

John Fund Lies - It is a Life Strategy for him & Other NeoCons
​Fund has never been anything but a disinformation agent for the NeoCon Cabal who ran America into the red with the War for Oil in Iraq. Fund is psychopathic.  You see this when you get the facts from multiple people on his life, from the time he was a teenager on.  Morgan Pillsbury's conflict with him provides more personal information and insights.  We understand that you need facts and documentation.  So here they.  These lies each involved a woman who either was involved with Fund while he was living with Morgan or who thought Fund viewed them as a friend.  Fund took advantage of each of them, but in these cases, each of them either violated the law themselves on his behalf or is a public figure. All of these incidents took place in 2001 - 2002   

    In January of 2001, I closed the apartment in New York.  Money was tight because my former husband, Craig Franklin, was, with the assistance of his employer, Dan O'Dowd, President of Fund lied about the length of their relationship as well as their intention to marry.  I had warned Morgan it was possible Fund was willing to marry her, so he could have her institutionalized, and so eliminate her as a threat.  Naturally, Morgan ignored this possibility.
    Fund had been living with Morgan in 2000 into 2001 at the apartment I had rented for myself, and Morgan in the Rivergate on 34th Street. The cost of this apartment was about $5,000 a month. I knew nothing about Fund’s staying because I was only rarely in New York.  Demands on my time necessitated my presence in California.  That year I spent less than three months in the NY apartment in total. 
   It is not hard to understand why Fund grabbed at the opportunity to live in a place where someone cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed, and kept everything spotless.  This was not Morgan - of myself.  These services were included in the rent. The third bedroom we used as an office.  Every window had a great view. Fund did not have to concern himself with the ghastly condition of his own apartment in Jersey City.  I would not learn about that until July 2001 when a horrified Morgan sent me photos because, as always, I did not believe her.  "She must be exaggerating," was my first thought when she called me to describe what she found. But knowing this made Fund's eagerness to spend time elsewhere very understandable.
   The phone bills were the first indication I had that Fund had moved in.  This happened at exactly the time I was closing the apartment.  
   These calls were made from my phone while my bookkeeper knew I was not there; she thought I should know since other expenses were also out of line.  Morgan confessed to me that when I was not there, Fund generally was, when he was not traveling.  Others who knew he was staying there include the next-door neighbor, Guardian Angels Founder, Curtis Sliwa.  A member of the Democratic Central Committee, Dan Asa Rose , who needed a room for the night during a storm, also heard Fund from the second bedroom while he was.  Morgan, she later told me, was making money as an early AirBNB.  I was very annoyed with her over this and the fact she did nothing to get a job that entire year. 
   Fund might have been conning Morgan into believing he cared about her when free rent was his real motive, but that does not change the fact he was living with her at my expense. Eric Alterman probably thinks this is normal behavior, but Eric Alterman is a liar himself, and no gentleman .  
   Dan Rose stayed in my apartment on 34th Street as a convenience, paying small amounts to Morgan so he would not have to return to his home in Connecticut.  Morgan told me when confronted, Rose had stayed the night on three occasions when he saw or heard Fund. Morgan thought Dan and she were friends, which is why she let him stay in the first place.  Evidently, she was wrong. Dan Rose refused to confirm he had stayed there.  It is possible he stayed there more than Morgan confessed to me and she had reasons to think they were close friends.  As to that, I could speculate, given her behavior in other situations, but since I have no evidence I will say no more.     
   Morgan was not calling Diane Sykes’ cell phone or making calls to other women who thought they were in a relationship with Fund.  Why John would have used my phone to make calls to his girlfriends while living at my apartment and sleeping with Morgan?  One answer is he is an extremely tacky person.  Another possibility is that he is extremely cheap and liked the idea of getting free phone calls, using my computer, (a desktop which did not travel with me), and getting free food, supplied by Morgan but paid for by me.   
   It was a stupid move on many levels.  On his part, Fund knew what was at risk if I put together the pieces of information in Morgan's possession he had confided in her. He likely assumed Morgan was deceiving me, and so protecting him. In fact, Morgan was lying to me, giving me reports of her efforts to find a job. I expected this to happen. But John would have been disappointed to learn Morgan has no compunction about telling me gossip she found amusing.  
   Listen to what is now referred to as
The WeaselSearch Tape , read the transcript also available on the site. You hear two psychopaths arguing about how to control me, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster.  Morgan tells a series of lies about me, as does John.  The underlying message, when I finally listened to the tape again this year, that I had done things so horrible Morgan would never speak to me again.  This would be laughable, if not so outrageous. 

Diane Sykes​​

    Before hearing the Tape I had believed absolutely Fund was not in a relationship with Morgan.  He had told me so the previous March. Politically I knew he was unreliable, but at the time I still trusted him as an old acquaintance. 
   Ayn, my youngest daughter, was living not far from Morgan in Los Angeles until Morgan moved to New York in January of 2000.  Ayn had mentioned Morgan boasting of being in a relationship with Fund in January 1999. Ayn and I both thought the idea of a relationship between Fund and Morgan was absurd. At the time, February 1999, it had been 11 months since I had talked to Morgan. When I discovered Fund had lied to me I was outraged. Perhaps you think lying is reasonable and natural.  I don't.   
  The Gail Heriot and Michele Davis Strategy

Fund had boasted to John Slevin he could always get people to do what he wanted. (See
Early Life )   Fund used this technique over and over again, especially with women.   
   Fund left Heriot’s email to him, dated January 13th, printed out on the floor of his apartment so Morgan was sure to see it.  The subject line read,
“Silly? Yes. But what's a girl to do?”   This letter from Heriot, and what followed proved the ‘girl’ (she looks like a grown woman to me) wanted John Fund no matter what she had to do to get him.  I would have felt sorry of Heriot, since I had seen his correspondence with multiple women who had trusted him. I have withheld the names of other women whose correspondence I read, provided by Morgan who found it, along with security briefings and other confidential materials, on the apartment floor or on her computer, which Fund was then using. 
   Heriot put herself in a different category by assisting Fund in going after Morgan and myself.  As an attorney, she knew an uncertified deposition could not be published and should not have been provided to Fund.

Gail Heriot

   Apparently, she was so focused on believing she had a relationship with Fund she ignored the evidence she was being used. 
   I loved Morgan.  She was my daughter and I wanted her to find a life for herself.  Yet without a qualm, Morgan had betrayed me; lied about me, accepted payment from Craig to bring about my death and the death of her brother. I would eventually give up, having learned to my grief and shame she was very willing to do it again, and again, and again. I feel like kicking myself sometimes when I count the number of times I forgave her.  Never again.  Now, I understand her. 

   The arrangements for the wedding, which included renting the chapel at the Santa Barbara Court House and ordering a wedding cake, were made on January 4, 2001.  Here are the records
   At this point, Fund began setting up an evasive strategy.  This was entirely unnecessary.  If he had paid Morgan what he owed her, by their agreement made when she moved in, she would have left. But the charge of domestic violence from New Jersey would have remained.  Cheney wanted her credibility destroyed. It may seem like too little too late, but this is not surprising in a guy willing to kill over a million people to get some gas for his buddies.     
    At the time this made no sense to me.  But after I realized Fund was under orders from Cheney to force Morgan to deny she had been battered it made more sense.  Fund lied to everyone.  But when push came to shove, he had to do what Cheney wanted - or else.  Fund loved his career as a disinformation agent.  Doing promotion for Star Trek Conventions was not nearly as much fun. 
   I canceled the wedding set for March 3rd in Santa Barbara on January 16th , announcing this publicly because of John’s failure to keep his promises to change, and because Morgan had scanned and sent a copy of the wedding invitation to the small and strictly private event I had arranged, to people who were not invited.  Morgan had received, by mail, 20 invitations to be sent out by traditional post office delivery.  She apparently scanned one of these and spammed the media with it. 
    Heriot wrote Fund an email about the cancellation, too.  It is dated January 18, 2001 . Heriot, not too swift on the meaning of words, describes this as a 'retraction.'  It was a cancellation, made with some real relief, I might add.  
   Michele Davis, Department of the Treasury, another of John’s women friends was arranging to steal the money Fund had finally repaid to Morgan on January 19, 2001. It reads, "From: [email protected] To:    [email protected] I am sorry for the pain I have caused,I don't know what came over me.John"
   On January 13, 2001 Fund had found someone who could assist him to defraud Morgan of the payment owed her for cleaning his Jersey apartment, paying his utilities, arranging for it to be made functional, cleaning his office at the WSJ, buying him furniture, and keeping his freezer filled with burritos. Morgan settled for the amount of the checks, $30,000.  Since Fund was willing to toss these in July as worthless, this would have cost him nothing.  About this same time Morgan told me she found records of transfers to Fund's German relations of about $250,000. She thought this was likely to keep the funds from the notice of the IRS, as I recall.     
   Having activated two of his cadre of women friends (this more accurately should be read 'assets') to help him, Fund handed the checks which Morgan had gotten reauthorized back to her, apologizing to Morgan for his behavior.  Michele saw to closing Morgan's account and handing the money over to Fund.

Michele Davis

    Heriot would hang in there, helping Fund.  She put up the website for him the next year where she published the uncertified deposition. This might not all have been misplaced love and sexual gratification.  Heriot is also a NeoCon - so perhaps Cheney also asked her to help Fund out.    

 ​The NeoCon Action 
Displacing the Facts

How the NeoCons Cooperate using the Media as a tool to control us. 

     From inside the media, the means for manipulating the news are clear and accessible.  Writers, editors, owners, and others decide what will either appear in print or be covered on TV.  The content of articles can change the focus on the article, allowing facts the writer wishes to de-emphasize or to drop out of notice.  From the outside, the means are obscured from sight and for many in their possession, ‘their dirty little secrets.’
     The Cover-Up included the use of journalists willing to be paid for lying.  Chief among these was Eric Alterman.  Alterman orchestrated the displacement of the original story by John Connolly, which was backed up by the Tape as proof, with a second story which was bald assertions with not a scintilla of proof. 
     Story One, ”Sex, Lies & The Tape – The John Fund Story,” written by John Connolly of Vanity Fair revealed John Fund, a pundit then at the Wall Street Journal to be a hypocrite.  The article was originally slated to run in Talk Magazine.  This was eliminated as a possibility by Fund, who used his attorney, John F. Walsh ,  to intimidate Tina Brown, Talk’s Editor, into shelving the story.  Intimidation by an attorney is another standard strategy we encountered. 
     Instead, the story appeared first online, not nearly as prominent a position in 2001. 
     Starting on March 7, 2002, “Sex, Lies & The Tape,” was replaced by another story entirely provided by John Fund, and inserted into its place with the cooperation of Eric Alterman, a Liberal with an agenda. 
     Following this transition in detail, reveals many of the steps for how this happens and, just as significant, the character of John Fund and his real employers, Cheney and Rove.

I think of this as “The Tale of the Two Stories.” 
Bad Publicity from Bad Behavior – Who is Eric Alterman, really?

   Alterman’s book, “What Liberal Media?”, formerly published with co-authors Joseph Nye and Andrei Cherny, now available bearing Alterman’s name alone, includes a story which was intentionally written to deceive the reader.  By so doing, Alterman raises multiple questions as to his journalistic ethics and his motives. 
    The book’s title is an extension of Alterman’s constant assertion of the “So-Called Liberal Myth,” asserting the media is not controlled by liberals.  It is not, of course.  But neither is it controlled by any ideology.  The media is controlled by those who own it and the focus of these individuals appears to be on controlling public opinion more than profits. 
   Major media outlets and many local papers were acquired by major media for the purpose of shaping public opinion for their own purposes.  Dividing Americans, making effective action impossible, appears to be included on their agenda. The motive, of this trend, and was noted in Andrew Kreig’s “Spiked: How Chain Management Corrupted America's Oldest Newspaper.”
     Centralizing control made it far easier for facts to be hidden, concealed, and displaced with lies.
    Such left-oriented figures as George Gurley , whose writing appears in the NY Observer, Vanity Fair and elsewhere commented on Alterman’s book, “ A few weeks ago, however, Alterman was crucified by the New York Observer's George Gurley, who was ostensibly interviewing the author for his bunkum-loaded book What Liberal Media?. One might've thought the Upper West Sider would've done a background check on his inquisitor's published work, but I suppose that's difficult to do in the midst of flogging any and all publicity for his paranoid screed. In fact, he told Gurley that he was "disappointed" that his expected buzz for What Liberal Media? had "been crowded out by the war... I had a lot of reasons to be anti-war, and the book was a small one."
    The scandal from Connolly’s article took a sudden hiatus, not surprisingly, when September 11th took place. 
    Morgan and John were living together in Jersey City.  Morgan had narrowly avoided being killed by her argument that morning with John, who headed off to the Wall Street Journal where he would have an up-close and personal experience with the shocking events. 
Story Two – The Alterman Fandango

   Alterman gives the appearance of someone who found a niche, that of intellectual focused entirely on talk and hype.  He is nearly as good at fact-checking as was Stephen Glass of The New Republic if he had taken the facts into account, which Alterman did not.  These were irrelevant to his purpose. 
   Eric Alterman simply communicated a narrative aimed at impacting my reputation for honesty and decency.  His two articles about Morgan, Fund and myself, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, were entirely drawn from the fevered imagination of John Fund. 
   The publicity which likely caused heated calls to Fund from Cheney and Rove began with a story leaked to Lloyd Grove at the Washington Post, published January 17, 2002 - Washington Post Article, A Reliable Source .  The ‘reliable sources’ were Gene Gaudette and Sidney Blumenthal, still venting over Fund’s evasion of his complicity with Matt Drudge on the charge he, Blumenthal, had beaten his wife.   The article added more recent developments to the facts documented in the Connolly article, Story One, of September 4, 2001, “Sex, Lies, and The Tape.
   I sent out an announcement that the wedding has been canceled on January 16th.  This is due to the incontrovertible evidence Fund was having sex with other women, most immediately Gail Heriot, and because he is continuing to lie about his relationship with Morgan. 
   The significance of the correspondence with Michele Davis on January 13th and 17th  evaded my notice for quite some time.   Fund used Davis to create the fiction Morgan had stolen the funds in her bank account from Fund.  Fund gave the funds to Morgan on January 19th , the day she moved out.  ​​​​



   Moving to her new apartment in Manhattan, located at E. 9th Street, Manhattan, Morgan was briefly oblivious to the steps Fund was taking at the behest of Cheney and Rove.  This included an offer from Chrissy Hall Reis and her friend, Julie Currie, made January 21, 2002, to conduct opposition research.  The email read , “My friend Julie read about you in the NY Post. Remember Julie, the opposition researcher who works for Kroll?  I told her the bare bones basics of what happened, and that you're writing a book.  And she offers her help.” The link provides insights on this then newly wedded Christian's special relationship with John.
    John threatened Morgan with charges generated through Michele Davis’ assistance in closing her bank account and confiscating the funds, which were handed over to Fund, which left Morgan entirely penniless.  Fund’s coup allowed him to evade paying for cleaning services and for the furniture, repairs and cleaning supplies, purchased by Morgan; not to mention the filing labor of 110 storage boxes for Fund.  Morgan’s demands for an accounting from the bank were ignored.
   It may have been during this time that Gene Gaudette introduced himself to Morgan.  His online magazine,
American Political Journal , was running articles on Fund.  Gaudette republished “Sex, Lies, and The Tape”, when, where it was originally published, went down during this period.  
    At this time, Fund was living at the apartment I had rented to protect Morgan from him.  He was sleeping and eating there when not at work, seeing other women, or otherwise occupied. 
   Morgan did not mention this to me at the time, as she knew this would cause me to take action and Morgan was terrified of what Fund would do to her for telling me.  It is also likely Morgan did not mention to Fund that I was coming to New York to see some plays with an old friend, Michael Grossberg, a theater critic for the Columbus Dispatch.  My flight arrived at La Guardia Airport on the afternoon of February 19, 2002.  I called Morgan about five minutes from the apartment. 
   John Fund’s voice could be clearly recognized, loud and rancorous, in the background when Morgan answered my call.
​Alterman Begins His Lip-Teaze

    The first example of Story Two appeared on March 7th in The Nation Magazine, written by Eric Alterman, titled, Back Into the Muck.  Fund likely thought this would be enough to deflect the facts but for two things he did not expect.  First, another article appeared referencing Story One by Cynthia Cotts, titled, “John Fund Hope of Freedom” , appearing in the Village Voice on May 14, 2002, was an interview of Morgan and myself and did not reference the Alterman-Fund Muck Article appearing on The Nation on March 7th. 
    Alterman’s screed implied the previous Page Six article, “
COLUMNIST ASSAULTED HIS EX: COPS ,” by Messing, linked above, was his source.  This was absolutely untrue. 
   On June 8th, 2002, I paid to put up a website,  Gene Gaudette was the paid webmaster.  I wrote the content with the agreement Morgan would not write anything without my reading it first.  She ignored this when she wanted to do so.  Sidney Blumenthal canceled his promise to provide a pro bono attorney on June 23rd. 
Having heard about the mention by Alterman in The Nation on March 7th Morgan emailed Alterman demanding a retraction.  Alterman responded on July 4th
EMAIL , blowing off her objections. Alterman would later claim he was being 'gentle and understanding.'  At no time did Alterman attempt to contact me.  He claimed he had tried to contact my attorney without providing a name.  This was a lie.  But he had named me in his Muck article with this lie, which was a clear and intentional slander, "John Fund has landed on Page Six in a bizarre tale that is almost too weird to write down. It seems that a woman with whom Fund had an affair twenty years ago named Melinda Pillsbury Foster sent her daughter, Morgan, to look up Fund when she came to town." No source but the Page Six article is mentioned.  Page Six has a reputation for sleaze, which is well deserved. But Messing, who wrote the article, stayed mostly on facts which were appropriately sourced, though he did not attempt to contact me. See the Comparison - Story One - Story Two for the facts.  
   Morgan began her sexual relationship with Fund on October 26, 1998 while on a romantic trip to New York, London and Paris with my former husband, who had adopted her.  Think Woody Allen, except that Woody married her. Craig had bigger ideas. Sex Family   Craig had his attorney try to get Morgan to sign a statement declaring they had not had sex in December of 1998.  I knew nothing about it.  I was still recovering from two surgeries, caring for my son, still in rehabilitation for his suicide attempt on March 22, 1998.
   Morgan had accepted a payment of $10,000 from Craig, her new beau and my estranged husband, to get me to turn off Arthur's life support.  I refused.  Morgan's only job, then or later, was slandering and libeling me, for which Craig paid her $5,000 a month.  The records for this came from the discovery during my divorce and the same uncertified deposition Fund had posted online for ten years. 

Morgan Pillsbury Uncertified Deposition Placed online by Gail Heriot     Also look over  Morgan Pillsbury Bankruptcy

Cheney's War
Oil, Power and Total Surveillance