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The 1992 Revelation for BushCo and the Clintons
They cooperate to stop the oncoming potential of real elections via direct Interaction

  President George H. W. Bush, with a popularity high-point of 89% did not expect to lose.  But he did.  The reasons began to clarify after the primaries were over, analyzing the astonishing rise in the polls of Jerry Brown, Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan and an obscure Arkansas governor, Bill Clinton.   Each had been rising in the polls rapidly, at rates of about 2% a day.  Pat’s goal was to get then President George H. W. Bush to use a Line Item Veto to eliminate nine lines of pork for every one line of policy bill.  Jerry Brown did not concede until the Democratic Convention.

In late February 1992, Brock d’Avignon, founder of PhoneVoter Television Network (PVN) the prior month, was at the Southern California Campaign HQ of Jerry Brown establishing contact with his four campaign managers.   One of these was assigned to work with PVN on satellite TV for 16 hours a day, as was Buchanan.

Brock proposed a media event to take place before the NY primary show-casing Brown’s stand on simplifying IRS filings to a percentage-of-income and eliminating the volumes of exceptions in the 70 IRS Tax Code Volumes.  Brown liked the idea, and the resulting images of Brown tossing IRS Code books into a trash can slowly in front of the NY Main Library, went across the country through 13 media outlets there, with their cameras rolling. People reacted for weeks very positively to seeing someone toss the IRS into the trash.  Today we would say, “It went viral,” a term now associated with the Internet which this event presaged.  Interactive TV turns ‘viral’ for weeks into superviral.  This event eluded the attention of the print media, another long-term indicator of what was about to arrive.  The Internet would be the first to demonstrate this power in its present, muted form.

George H. W. Bush

    Only Jerry Brown put on such an event.  It worked.  If Brown had started earlier, three days earlier, he would have won the California Primary on June 2nd and the Democratic nomination for president instead of Clinton. 
   What had happened was direct connection with the people, and the means to point attention to issues and create dialog.
    Both Jerry Brown and Pat Buchanan began participating in the PhoneVoter TV programs for Unedited Presidential Candidate Speeches in the last half of April.  At the bottom of the TV screen were AGREE/DISAGREE phone numbers with cumulative tallies.  This gave them national exposure for a full six weeks, 16-hours a day, before the last primaries, neck-and-neck with Clinton and gaining 22% of the vote. 

 You might assume that Libertarian Party leaders and or candidates would have recognized the power of allowing ordinary Americans to express their opinions and weigh in.  They did not. 

The only Libertarian candidate who tried to participate was Lee Wrights, who failed to get the nomination in 1991.

The Volitional Science, Voluntarists, who worked on PhoneVoter were: Robert d'Avignon, Howard Hinman, Lawrence Samuels,
Samuel E. Konkin III,
Ron Fink, Lance C. Williams, 

William Cousert and
Brock d'Avignon.       TEAM
    The return of Perot to an active campaign, which he undertook to avoid being displaced in the public eye by Bo Gritz, who was offered the campaign Perot had vacated so abruptly, made one thing immediately necessary to the now combined interests of BushCo and the Clintons. 
   The GOP and their opposite number, the Dems, must control the Presidential Debates, excluding those who might suggest the bi-partisan status quo was not forged as natural law.  Therefore, the GOP and Democratic parties came together to start the Commission on Presidential Debates, a 501 (c) 3, which ended the question of what constituted a political party and who was a real candidate.  Also, the annoying League of Women Voters, with its hard questions, no longer needed to be placated.  In 1992, the League had agreed to MC PVN’s already planned Presidential Candidate Debate Tournament.  
   In 1996 none of the 17 GOP candidates used satellite or PhoneVoter TV Network – although Bill Clinton used satellite constantly because it was this which had put him in the White House four years earlier. What, you ask?  How did that happen?  See the Questions Answered Below

H. Ross Perot

 No. 1 -- What did Clinton do to win in 1992?
 No. 2 -- What Steps did the NeoCons, now including the Clintons, take to stop PhoneVoter's surge to
       Mass Audience Interaction? (You're gonna love these moves!)

How did Bill Clinton, the unknown southern governor, become President?

   Bill Clinton aka ‘Charles Marcus’, and his Media Consultant, Frank Greer, called PhoneVoter TV Network for advice having received one of the PVN proposals sent out to each of the 64 presidential candidates in 1992.  Their campaign was broke, looking at the necessity of returning to Arkansas.

   PhoneVoter’s plan aimed at inserting interaction and dialog into political action and so catapulting candidates, and their ideas, characters, values and such, into public view. 
   Of the 64 presidential hopefuls, only the four candidates previously mentioned responded to multiple offerings of the proposals made by PVN. 
    Bill Clinton was not willing to allow his unedited speeches to be experienced by voters.  His one 60-second commercial in January 1992 covered a barrage of ‘needings’ and’ wantings’, nouns and adjectives, to reinvent government with people as more of its 'customers.'  Those were interspersed with his glad-handing in diners on satellite later.  It all led, logically, to a much larger and more centralized federal government. 
    Brock received a call from two voices identified as “Marcus and Greer”, who identified themselves as “Media Consultants for the Clinton Campaign” in the third week of March. It was clear they had read the offer made in detail including a Democracy Channel, like The RepubliCan Channel, and Grassroots Channel being offered others.  
   One of the voices, who identified as Frank Greer , asked about how they could obtain services at a price they could afford.  “How much do you have?” Brock asked knowing democrats usually had more money than republicans to spend on business-government partnerships. Greer shared that the Clintons were down to $50,000 and their Bus HQ!  The second voice, to which Greer deferred with clear respect,  could have been Bill himself; since no one named Charles Marcus was ever employed by or volunteered in the Clinton Campaign.
   Calls continued.  Brock sent on more information, recommending they “immediately rent the only available satellite uplink truck left in the country at a cost of $35,000 a month, and spend the other $15k on notifying TV network and local news directors of their satellite feed.”  The voice which-was-not-Greer asked about how they would pay for the gas.

Bill Clinton

     Brock told Marcus, “With the mass-audience aimed at your phone number, generating money would no longer be a problem if news directors were informed it was available on video.”  Brock told them in detail how to accomplish this.  
    On another of several calls, Brock also advised Greer and Voice-which-was-not-Marcus, that Craig Reese, the Keystone  Studio Technical Manager on Sunset Boulevard, said Bill would be better off handling the mike himself in his Roadshow jaunts across America.  Craig had seen Bill dealing with an MC and knew he did better when he was in control. 
     Brock faxed them the rental agreement, “Do you want it?”  No response was received.  Later, Brock knew they had gone around him to get the uplink truck that supported 4 cameras; because he was told by annoyed folks at Keystone that Clinton had cut them out.  That uplink truck behind his bus, drove Bill Clinton to victory as he continued to evade real debates. 

     When Clinton took the Democratic Nomination for President he had succeeded in evading the scandals which had been about to overturn any future campaign for the presidency.  The Clinton Campaign ramped up their satellite usage through 1992 and in 1995 contracted with Keystone Communications for full, every day 24 hour coverage through 1996.

George H. W. Bush

Etienne d'Avignon - Bilderbergers

George W. Bush

A Deal is Cut to Silence Americans and Control Americans and Their Elections

​​​     BushCo naturally resented having their leader taken so abruptly out of the White House, and John Fund did yeoman’s duty to let the Clinton Administration know how strongly this was felt.  Keystone Communications, the company which had provided the offer of free satellite time, was purchased by France Telecom for 10x its value after the general election. Although the PVN program abruptly ended after the primaries, Etienne d’Avignon, (Note: no relation for at least 400 years, both carry the name “of Avignon” after the 2,000 year old city in France) the host of the last 8 Bilderberger Group meetings, Vice Chancellor of the EU, and head of the fascist Social Responsibility Europe, was chagrined to find out that Keystone had no other contract with Brock d’Avignon than the PhoneVoter experiment, and could not stop Brock. The purchase was for $100M, Dave Hansford, the General Manager was fired who had made the PhoneVoter deal, and the former owner, David Simmons, was obliged to not be in the satellite TV business for 17 years.
     Bush and the Clintons from cooperated in 1993 to self-commission the Commission on Presidential Debates (PDC), and take other action to ensure such competitive events never took place again. Walter Cronkite of CBS, siding with Brock against stifling all other than demopublican candidates, declared, “The PDC is a fraud on Americans!”  
     When PhoneVoter was launched, it was perfectly positioned to move into a dominate position in the TV Industry, Brock later realized.  He and his group of small (l) libertarian activists were interested in increasing the voices of all individual voters, and not just in politics, per se. Almost immediately after the 1992 primary elections, Keystone Satellite Communications cancelled the offer for free satellite time for PhoneVoter TV programs leaving the PVN Telepoll system that had propelled Ross Perot to also 39% popularity before he dropped out.
     As titular head of the Democratic Party as their nominee for President, Clinton could ensure the PDC gained control over the presidential debates, exclusing all but the two major parties.    Understanding the power of satellite was responsible for his election, Clinton also understood the danger of Interactive communication with America’s electorate, as did Bush Senior and the group which was growing around his son, W. who was a prostitute Clinton had sex with thirteen times; yes, the child Danney Williams, looks like Bill and is his biological child by a woman Clinton paid for sex. Fund also claimed to me, that the state troopers said she had to flee with her baby to Pennsylvania, and Clinton had sent Arkansas state troopers there to kill her and the baby. I took notes because I thought that this further embellishment was a bizarre one, including carrying out a hit on a mother and child. None of the claims made by Fund to me were true. 
     However, in McCain’s case, this had no truth in it at all.  According to Morgan, who then in daily contact with McCain found this out and attempted to confront Fund at the Wall Street Journal. He failed because, hearing McCain was there, Fund hid under his desk.  People have tried to say this rumor did not cause McCain's loss- but the attempt was made using a disgusting, recycled, lie as his weapon.  The attempt, and the weapon chosen, is the real measure of John Fund's character. What kind of publication covers for a writer or editorialist who engages in this kind of behavior?  The answer is the Wall Street Journal. 
     I gave credence to the story because Morgan thought it was deliciously funny and was uninterested in politics.  I doubt she knew who McCain was.  Also, Morgan had related to me multiple revelations on Fund during this time.  Another instance of this was that Fund lied about using another earlier story for another dirty trick.  That was the lie Sidney Blumenthal had battered his wife.  Outraged, Blumanthal sued Drudge, who published the libel.  Morgan told me, which I had previously suspected, that this kind of collaboration was common practice for Fund and Drudge.  Fund, in his deposition on this, said he did not know Drudge at that time.  But from another source I had earlier been told Fund was the one who suggested Matt Drudge start The Drudge Report was a way rumors could be started for him, Fund.  
     Fund told Morgan, who immediately called me, the moment she got off the phone with Fund around May 1, 2001 to tell me Fund incuded this in his call to her when he was told Blumenthal had dropped the case.  Although Morgan was not well informed politically this IM conversation, which began between Fund and Drudge, using Morgan's handle, and continued between Drudge and Morgan after Fund went to bed. The IM conversation took place November 22, 2001. 
     Fund told me in 1983 he was surviving in DC by writing for the tabloids.  Perhaps he picked up some points on style why he was there. Here is the article I first wrote sometime later, reflecting on Fund's ability to evade accountability for his outrageous behavior.  


And now, on to the next chapter! 

1996 - 2000