We have it in our power to begin the world over again. 
                                     - Thomas Paine

From Problems Understood, Can Come Unimagined Opportunities

   Using my story (what a soap opera) we knew we would get your attention. Delving into the facts reveals the patterns of deceit which have left you vulnerable.  Getting to know the creepy reality of the people below is shocking, but it also provides valuable insights.  You need to know people better before you trust them.  So we are providing the means for doing that - and also for finding what you need and want to ensure security for yourself and your family.
   This is television like you have never known it.  It is active - and it puts in your hands the power to act, react, and find the truth.  2-Way Interactive TV provides the biggest Town Hall Forum imaginable. Applied to a show like NeoCons, which allows you to weigh in, ask questions, provide more information which was unavailable to the characters, and participate in chatrooms on subjects, run tallies, suggest tallies, make purchases, donate, and more, and it takes on some of the attributes of Gaming, but this is real, like going back in time to get the full history. 
    What kind of a future do we want for our kids?  Right now, we are poised to leave them nothing but grief.  But together we can change this entirely absolutely, and set ourselves on a different path.  
   This is television, 2-way, Interactive and in your hands - and we can enjoy the process while examining real solutions not limited to what the Main Stream Media wants you to have.  
    The first step is getting.... 

Traction for Action

Get ready to wonder why you ever took these jokers seriously!

   To have enough traction for action we need to Build Mind Share Rapidly by:

  Showing   Americans what really happened by making it possible for each of them to become actively involved in the unfolding story.  

NeoCons is the 1st Docu-Dramedy Series on Interactive TV.  Think 'History' the audience helps reconfigure, asking questions and adding to the action for a later segment, becoming connected to the characters.   

   Older people, for instance, Baby Boomers, still watch passive TV (the kind you are used to) because they are hooked on following the characters. Younger people expect the kind of experience provided through the Internet, the Internet Protocol (IP) experience, which allows them to weigh in. 
   Today, this is limited on TV,  Our shows provide an experience which surpasses what you get on the Internet. Viewers can ask questions in real-time, get answers, add to the story by providing evidence, talk about this with other viewers in chatrooms, suggest tallies (vote), and so uncover previously hidden history.  

Example: Finding out why Bill Clinton was elected in 1992. You listen in to the phone conversations Clinton Media Consultant Frank Greer and 'Charles Marcus' (actually Bill himself) pump Brock d'Avignon for information they need to avoid having to end the Clinton Presidential Campaign and return to Arkansas because they are running out of funds.   Story  
    Clinton was running out of options.  Sexual scandals were erupting; 1996 was not going to be possible. It was now - or never - but to win, Clinton needed to build out support for his 'I feel your pain', fool-yourself message rapidly.   

    People think TV is dying - but that is only true of passive TV. Today's Networks depend on the minor interactions of shows like "So You Think You Can Dance", which received the highest total for PhoneVotes, 94M, in just 3 hours.  This is enormously profitable, off-setting the miserable returns on the Networks passive shows.  
    So, on one hand, we have a large but too-small group of folks who see pieces of the whole story but have no way to rapidly grow our understanding of what the heck happened and on the other hand, we have millions who are too worried about just surviving and helping others survive to pay attention.  But the second group is made up of people who spend time on entertainment.  So we become entertaining.    
   We get 'traction' by giving those millions of people facing horrible, looming events (foreclosing home, losing job, loss of their vehicle to get to work, illness in the family.....you know what we mean) solutions to their problems wrapped in a true story which, itself, explains what went wrong. 
     And at the same time you find solutions to the problems you face today. There are lots out there.   
    We know of one ourselves, for some of these problems. But working solutions cannot get traction from the major media because the major media has carefully limited the use of these technologies, which you have used in limited ways, on your cell phone or device, on television, allowing millions to share what they see - and ask questions, get immediate answers, ask each other, using tallies, what their reaction is to what they are seeing, and find out more, join discussion groups in chatrooms for local areas, buy products, donate, participate in crowdfunding for solutions they want, and more. 

      This is why we started 

Person is not happy

Mouse is happy.

    You need to see the lies, find out the truth, enjoy the process with others - and then in the same way identify solutions you see work (No more promises about 'next term') and choose for yourself. Check out our line up of Network Shows and get ready for the changes which, together, we can make.   

Down the Middle 

Down the Middle to

      Interactive 2-Way Television allows you to check out every proposed solution in a way you never imagined possible.  

  No More 

No Problem
Student Loans

 ​ No Vehicle

What you think of as a loan today is a trap to steal your equity and leave you broke.

     The big shock when you realize those 'loans', where you walk a thin line between keeping your home, car, losing your income, came into existence only about a century ago.  Those are 'Rigid Installment Payments, (RIPs)
     The loan tool which made America a place of opportunity is a %PAYE Loan. HISTORY  

If you have a solution to a problem we are here.  Contact us !

And Stay Tuned for NeoCons!

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