....a follower or underling of a powerful person, especially a servile or unimportant one.
synonyms: underling, henchman, flunky, lackey, hanger  toady, sycophant; informal yes-man,  trained seal, bootlicker, brown-noser, suck-up 
         "if working for you means being your minion, I'm not the person you're looking for"

It takes a lot of minions to run a large cabal or conspiracy.  These individuals have motives, generally either directly mercenary or carried out in hopes of moving up the Minion-Food-Chain to a more significant position. Minions can be paid a lot, or not.  Sometimes it is a trade for s non-monetary value, for instance being invited to good parties; getting a job for which they are underqualified.  Think follower, servant, hireling, vassal, stooge; the folks who view your life and the income you can earn as theirs by right. They learn this from their employers, the Elites who pay Minions for their services.   

We suspect most of these people, Elites and their Minions, are psychopaths.  Certainly the ones Melinda encountered demonstrated the Characteristics. 

Dick Cheney
 Killing and conspiracy to attempt murder for Fund and Profits

Craig Franklin​​
Those below conspired with Craig to
kill me and my son, Arthur

John Fund​​
Fund met Matt in 1993 and saw how useful it would be to be able to plant stories the WSJ would not run.  Drudge Agreed

Dan O'Dowd​​
Someone had to pay the costs of these operations.
Who else?

Dan O'Dowd
The vision of money is everything to Dan O'Dowd

Matt Drudge
Drudge Report

John Fund-Cheney-Rove
Remove Morgan as a problem
Impregnate and/or Marry

John Fund-Cheney Operation
Cover-up for
John Fund

Morgan Pillsbury
Paid $5,000 a month to slander and libel me and $10,000 to persuade me to let Arthur die so she could have his heart for her fictional 'heart transplant.'

Jay E. Gell
His sister was a paid agent for the
Kerry Swiftboating

Eric Alterman
Planted an unsourced, constructed story in The Nation libeling Morgan and Melinda.  In the world of the Elites Ideologies make no difference.

Michael Emerling Cloud
Emerling has always been consistent.  He steals and lies whenever a profit is possible.

Morgan Pillsbury
No abortion available.

Jonathan Scott Franklin
He learned from Craig and his grandfather, Dr. Carl Franklin Franklin men can have anything they want.  He is serving time for hiring a hitman to kill his wife.  

      Katie Rosman​​​​
Neither Morgan or Melinda Knew Katie was Alterman's 'Arm Candy' when she called from Elle Magazine asking for 'an exclusive in 2003.  Katie and Elle stalled and dropped the story a year later. Soon after this she was working at the WSJ.

Mark Hinkle
He put $1,000 in his pocket for believing what was convenient. 

Wendy McElroy
She calls herself a journalist but was glad to get a job at Fox for more money than she had ever imagined possible.   

The Minion Attack of 2011
The Website on Greedville
​Annoyed the men below

Dan O'Dowd
Get Melinda

Dick Cheney
​Get Melinda

John Fund​​
Get Melinda

Craig Franklin
​Get Melinda

Jay E. Gell
His sister was a paid agent for
the  Kerry Swiftboating

Morgan Pillsbury
​Libel and slander her speciality

He was first convicted of a felony when he was 24.
It became a habit.

Laura, Duchess of Manchester
From Holly, Michigan and her dad's farm.

​Con-jobs, lies, setting up targets for her employers  and disinformation were her her career.  Rumor Mill News was her retirement plan, care of the CIA

The Target

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Together, the team assembled by Morgan and Jay, funded by Cheney, Fund, Craig and O'Dowd, and assisted by the Manchesters and Rayelan, took down 49 websites which Melinda was developing. They lied, all of them.  That is a basic tool for psychopaths.
Melinda started rebuilding that night.