The Benevolent and Protective

Order of Elks

The BPOE Started as The Jolly Corks

I was a member of the BPOE for several years in Santa Barbara, Lodge Number 613.  It was a wonderful experience, a real time to consider what mattered to me, why, and how to move forward with my life in the wake of the devestation left by the well-heeled elites who had done all in their power to kill me.  Thank you Elks! 

That said, I was an active member and serving as an Officer in the Lodge as I was going through those finally months of quasi-sanity before being entirely wiped out financially by their charming coalition of a corrupt court which allowed them to steal everything I had left in terms of hard assets.  Except the Cabin, which was unheated and half finished, a remnant of yet another scheme by Craig to drain me of energy and give him time to sexually assault my daughters and do other nasty things to my sons.  

More on that later.