September 11, 2001

Disasters, Grief, Horrors along with Insights and Hard-Found Facts

January 2001 - Since living with Morgan was impossible, I rented a house in Santa Barbara and left the studio in Ojai for her. While I was nearly delirious with a high fever Morgan came in to complain about the tiny place and picked up a sharp object, pointing it at me.  Justin saw this and grabbed her, wrestling her to the floor.  There was a time when I would not have viewed this as an immediate threat.  But that time was over. Morgan dripped resentment that I could not afford to pay her expenses in a posh apartment in New York.   
​    When Morgan was present there was never any space for amicable interaction or peace. This was when she played the tape she had made of Fund’s sexual extortion victim mentioned earlier. She had phone and internet and she used these to continue following Fund continuously.     Our agreement had been that she was going to tell the truth about what happened with Craig and Green Hills Software during the divorce to make peace with me for helping him in his attempts to kill me and Arthur.  As time went on I realized she had not changed.  She was stealing from me and spending all of her time researching Fund instead of finding a job. 
   Then, at her request, I paid for a plane ticket, so she could return to NY and, as she said, ‘look for a job.’  Morgan was in touch with Fund immediately.  From the phone bills from Ojai, it appeared they had never been out of touch. 
  Fund was delighted, at the time, to have her back.  Who else could clean up papers from John Fund’s floor, and fill 110 boxes including many classified documents? Who else could exhaustively go over Star Trek and Star Wars soap opera scenarios, and who else would keep his computer working?  From what Morgan said, mostly complaining, Fund killed off computers at a daunting rate. 
   On May 1st, John called Morgan, who had just arrived, she later told me regarding Sidney Blumenthal, the Clinton’s capo, who had dropped his case suing Matt Drudge for publishing a false story that Blumenthal had beaten his wife. Drudge and Fund had put the accusation together to embarrass him soon after he came on board at the White House with Clinton 1993. Blumenthal had to pay Drudge’s expenses, she re-related to me.  Also, Fund was drunk when he called her.  Fund had been very worried about the case because Blumenthal believed he and Drudge had made up the story and put it online together.  Fund had lied during his deposition on the date he and Drudge had gotten to know each other – but no one caught the photo of them together at an earlier conference.  I don’t know when that was, but Morgan happily related the news to me. 
   A few weeks later, late June or early July, Morgan called to ask me to talk to John Connolly. This was when I first knew an article was being written. Morgan told me he had sought her out.  She had left the cassette tape with me, along with the phone on which she had made the recording.  I withstood her screams via phone for a couple of days, then sent it on to her, even as I told her that an article was a bad idea, especially if she was really interested in marrying Fund.  But this was the way she had always been.  Foresight on the reactions of others were invisible to her. Morgan never mentioned to me Connolly was the writer of his book, "The Insane Clown Posse," which had been canceled because of Matt Drudge, who was one of Fund's best friends. Morgan finished one of these IM-fests with Drudge for Fund on November 22, 2001.
   Insane Clown Posse, just the title, had attracted my attention; it so perfectly described Fund and the other NeoCon disinformation types. Fund and Drudge often planned these unjournalistic attacks together, sometimes on the line while IMing each other, Morgan told me. Fund tried to get me to repeat these stories to my friends in the National Federation of Republican Women.  Instead, I took notes.  I had suspected for some time that Fund was not to be trusted politically. 
    From both my own experience and that of my Father's, I had realized the present crop of NeoCons were fascists, not Conservatives.  Of course, most of the leading lights of the Dems were no better.    
    I talked to John Connolly and limited my answers to the questions he asked. Therefore, the article had multiple inaccuracies, but I understood why this happened.  Connolly believed what Morgan was telling him. Anyone in the family could have corrected his understanding of her character.  But that was a question he did not ask.  So, this was not Connolly's fault.  Why Morgan would want an article about these personal issues to be published made no sense to me. I tried to dissuade her, to no avail.  The article, titled, "Sex, Lies and the Tape - The John Fund Story",  was published September 4, 2001.  Instead of appearing in Talk Magazine it was on a website, Morgan had realized it was a bad idea to have gotten Connolly to write it, but now she was stuck with the results of her own actions. I hoped she would learn something from the experience but that did not happen.   
     Fund had used his attorney to intimidate Tina Brown, Editor of Talk Magazine. Walsh Letter & Billing  Connolly was unhappy with this.  I was unhappy about the entire situation. Psychopathic kin drain your time and resources.  Sign up to find out more about the reality on PsychoKin , now in development. 
July 2001 - Morgan Moves In With Fund​​
​The State of Fund’s Apartment

     When Morgan had moved in with John, his New Jersey apartment boasted only a barely functioning toilet.  The kitchen was unusable, counters dusty with encrusted dishes, the freezer a buffet for crawling insects.  The floors were covered with papers so thick Fund had lost luggage underneath the mess.  Morgan had agreed to clean it up, get the utilities turned on again, and persuade the building superintendent to fix what did not work. But John would have to pay the costs, and her for her time.  Fund readily agreed, but appeared to have realized not paying her, either for her work or for the money she had, herself spent on materials, which included furniture Fund wanted, would cost thousands of dollars.  He never paid her, perhaps so he would always have leverage if he wanted it. When you are dealing with psychopaths you can take nothing for granted. 
​      In the morass, Morgan found uncashed checks, honorariums, John had lost, most of them years old.  John told her to toss them. Honorariums, as most of us now know, are the way Elites payoff their essential connections, making this a legitimate expense.  John did a lot of talking to groups who wanted access to his connections, which were many and from multiple sources. 

A NeoCon Valentine Card

​​     When Morgan happily related this to me, the previous July, I advised Morgan to keep the receipts and a record of her hours spent.  Fund had lost my trust, not from one incidence of his dishonesty, but many.  Morgan’s photos proved she was telling the truth about the state of Fund’s apartment. ​​
     When Morgan handed over the checks to John she asked if she should try to get the old checks honored.  Shrugging, John told her she could keep the money if that worked.  It did work.  Morgan was able to get $30,000 in checks authorized for payment.  She told me she handed these to Fund, who kept them in his possession. 
     John had authorized Morgan to replace cards on his accounts.  Rather than add her to the account, he showed her how to write his name, watching her practice until it looked good enough. Morgan was authorized to get replacement cards for Fund when, as frequently happened, he lost one.  On December 5, 2001, he sent her an email , using one of his other accounts, asking her to do this. 
​     But this had been their practice for a long time.  On September 11, 2001, Morgan was supposed to replace a lost credit card at the World Trade Center.  But that morning she and John got into an argument, so she did not go.  The day before, she had mentioned the next day’s trip to the Towers to me. On the morning of the 11th Ayn, my youngest daughter, called me, to tell me to turn on my TV.  It would be 10 hours before I discovered Morgan was alive. 
    I'm sure nearly everyone in the country was watching their television that day. I kept calling Morgan, but no calls went through. Later, Morgan told me she could see the second tower come down from the roof of the apartment building. The electricity was off-- so she ran out to buy emergency supplies, Cheerios and milk.  I asked how she was going to keep the milk cold.  Silence.  She had not thought about it.  John walked home across the Bridge, covered with ash, as were the two security guards from the Wall Street Journal who accompanied him. Morgan served up the Cheerios to everyone.   
   Americans pitched in to rescue, clean up, and comfort those who were injured, dying, searching for those they loved.  Events moved on for all of us. Fund was growing hostile and paranoid.  I can't say I blame him for that. Fund lived by lying to everyone so being exposed was a major issue.  I had told Morgan he would not be pleased, but 'not pleased' did not even get near to his reaction. Morgan began to get an education on what the lack of conscience makes possible to a person who is very, very angry.  

   Morgan was pretty tentative at first about telling me what was going on. She had been forbidden to talk to me but I had always been the person she could talk to so Morgan just became cautious about Fund finding out.  Slowly, over about a month, starting in late September, Morgan told me she had to undergo 'briefings'. she could not come in the front door.  She could not answer the house phone and Fund began beating her.  Morgan did not react as many women would.  She began compiling information on Fund, scanning the papers she had thought looked interesting and sending disks of these off to me.  I looked and gulped.  I kept nothing in my house, instead, I copied these on a neutral computer onto new disks making six sets.  I mailed these to six people, four of them offshore.  There was on one I could trust with this kind of information. 
    While this was going on, until late October, Fund was becoming violent.  I heard Morgan battered the first time at the beginning of November.  Soon, I had the number for the local Jersey City police taped to my desk. I begged Morgan to leave, renewed the offer of college. No dice. She wanted Fund to either marry her or pay her what he owed her.    
   The police report , dated November 12, 2001, in New Jersey for Domestic Violence, resulted in Fund’s dismissal from the WSJ Editorial Board in early 2002. 
   It is very possible Morgan had calculated that once I was forced by my concern for her to start helping her, she would have more options.  At the time, this did not occur to me.  

Morgan leaves Fund for Manhattan - January 19, 2002
   On February 19, 2002, I recognized Fund’s voice when I called Morgan from my taxi to let her know I would be arriving in five minutes.  When I arrived, Morgan was bleeding from the mouth and doubled over in pain.  She reported rectal bleeding but refused to go to the hospital.
   I, Melinda, paid for Morgan’s new apartment at 50 East 9th Street, Manhattan.  Morgan was still moving in when John Fund bulled his way in, demanded a key and began living there. When Morgan ordered him to leave, he told her he had orders from Cheney to do whatever was necessary to obtain a letter from her confessing she had lied about his battering her.  After again battering her, Fund forced her to write what he referred to as ‘the affidavit.’   The notary was Lillian Cauchi, doing business .07 mile from Morgan’s apartment, Your Neighborhood Office, at 332 Bleecker St., NYC. 
   On January 25, 2002,  Fidelity Investments directed John Fund to move his retirement account since he was no longer working for the WSJ.   Morgan found the letter on the floor of her apartment after Fund left the next morning, she said.  Morgan had learned that supplying me with documents kept me helping her because I could see the proof.  Fund was never restored to a position at the WSJ. From then forward he simulated the position.  
   Within the next 48 hours, I met Gene Gaudette, who had contacted Morgan.  Gaudette is the editor for American Politics Journal, an online publication which I later learned had been following events with John Fund.  Gaudette was, and likely still is, a close associate of Sidney Blumenthal’s.
    On January 16th, 2002, a Chat had taken place between the two, Gaudette and Blumenthal, as they planted a story at the Washington Post with Lloyd Grove.  The article was titled, A Reliable Source.”  I knew nothing of Gene's connections but was grateful for the assistance, which was scant to non-existent from my own political friends. Blumenthal offered to get Morgan a free attorney, according to what she told me.  Sidney then reneged. June 23, 2002     
   Gene helped me persuade Morgan to file a police report and get a restraining order. Note on the Police Report that photos were taken.  I watched as this was done through the wainscoting, which was missing, in the small room where this was carried out. The photos were disappeared by the NYPD, they denied photos were taken, but I had seen them take and were notated on the police report.  Gene Gaudette published this anomaly to the embarrassment of the NYPD, and Robert Morgenthau, District Attorney for Manhattan.
   It was several months later when Morgan told me why she was afraid to file a police report.  She had been given a warning by Cheney through Fund.  This would have explained Fund’s confidence in finding Morgan, and even brusquely moving in with her.  
A Bizarre But Revealing Moment of Absurdity

   Morgan told me he had made her return to his apartment to clean it and fill the freezer, which she had repaired, filling it with burritos, his favorite food, while he lived at her place that I was paying for to protect her from proximity to Fund.  It was during this period that Fund, that model of patriotic rectitude and courage, kidnapped Morgan’s stuffed animals, Snoopy and Cuddles .  No, I am not making this up.  The absurdity was mind-boggling, however.  The ransom was conditioned on Morgan's agreedment to remain silent to media and everyone else about Fund.  If she slipped he assured her he would decapitate his small, cuddly captives. After some days of anxiety Morgan discovered Fund sitting outside her apartment with Cuddles and Snoopy in a black plastic bag, their faces looking hopeful. 
   John Fund is not emotionally normal. It was hard for me to imagine Fund kidnapping Morgan's stuffed animals after hearing his delighted shrieks as he battered her the previous November.  
   As you read the LINK you will see Fund forced Morgan to write two statements.  The first on December 4, 2000 and the second on January 25, 2002.  Morgan told me several months after she perferred charges for battery on February 21, 2002, that she was afraid to tell me because Dick Cheney had told him to do whatever was

Snoopy and Cuddles

necessary to carry out a cover-up on the charges.  I was astounded and also angry.  She should have told me immediately.  Instead, she left me also vulnerable.  I had no doubt that the rule of law did not exist for Dick Cheney or Karl Rove, the first two names of Fund's speed dial, she helpfully mentioned at the same time. 
    On other occasions, I heard Fund’s voice in the background when calling Morgan at her apartment that I was cross-country paying for, making demands when I called.

Was there some Esoteric Meaning in the Circumnavigation of the Table?

    Earlier, on December 4, 2001, Morgan sent me an email for which she had started a new account, ‘LegalNeed120401”.  She told me not to open it until she said to, or she disappeared.  I followed her instructions.  When I did open it, months later, it was a statement she, Morgan, had been forced to write a statement saying she was lying about being battered, presumably a reference to the police report filed in New Jersey. The statement was not notarized but otherwise was remarkably similar to the one she was coerced to write and sign on January 24th, 2002. 
    Only recently did it occur to me that Cheney could have demanded a notarized statement, which explains why Fund extorted the one signed January 24, 2002.  The statement Morgan was forced to sign on December 4th, 2001, was not notarized.
    Other behavior on Fund’s part was downright creepy.  Morgan clearly rattled, called me asking for an explanation of Fund’s behavior after he brought the Fidelity Investments letter to her apartment and showed it to her.  The letter is dated January 25, 2002.
   John had walked into Morgan’s apartment muttering incomprehensibly, Morgan told me.   He had circumnavigated the coffee table, stopping to bow at each corner, not even seeming to see Morgan, who was watching, terrified.  Still muttering, Fund then left the apartment.  Morgan immediately called me to describe what she had just witnessed.  I believed this because it was entirely out of character with her usual lies, which were not imaginative. 

Hiding the Evidence​​
​   The order to hide the evidence, issued by Dick Cheney, had grown in complexity and, as always, John had carte blanche to do what ‘was necessary.’  John Fund, often remembered for his ugly assaults on the Clintons, had been a NeoCon operative when he was placed at the Wall Street Journal in 1984.  He had performed well for them.  They needed him, and they owed him. 
   It was the intervention of Gene Gaudette and Sidney Blumenthal which forced the NY Police Department to backpedal, admitting photos had been taken but had been misplaced.  The Attorney General’s Office for Manhattan went to extreme lengths to intimidate Morgan, attempting to break down her testimony with long sessions of interrogation which left her hysterical. Morgan recounted these sessions to me, asking if it was normal to treat the victim this way.  I did not know what to say.  My understanding was that victims of domestic violence were treated with understanding and not forced to undergo long interrogations, in the case six hours, without being allowed to go to the bathroom.   But I had no direct knowledge of their procedures this at the time. 
   I now understand that this was unusual.
   These events led me to conclude logically John was receiving unusually lenient treatment, which started not long after he was arrested.  Before long I accepted as a working hypothesis Fund was not working for the WSJ, but for BushCo, who could assert this kind of pressure.  I know from Morgan’s comments Fund reported directly to the first two guys on his speed dial, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove.  This raises the question of why Fund was writing information into a book he cared little about, which would be useful to them.  The title of the book, finally published in 2004, was “Stealing Elections. ” 
   Organizing many people to vote multiple times would take enormous work and organizing.  Removing voters from the registered voter list for a fraudulent reason is much easier and cheaper.  This can be done by party affiliation or by address.  Both major parties engage in this kind of cheating.  The wholesale changing of the vote electronically began around 2000, carried out by companies with affiliations with the NeoCons, by my understanding such as Diebold. Even in 2018, Texas voters are still complaining that their votes bounce in front of their eyes to people for whom they didn’t vote.
The #MeToo! Movement has impacted us politically, opening a door to seeing how the perceived divide between Right and Left made us vulnerable to “us vs them” lies.  The only support Morgan and I got came from one man, Mark Crispin Miller.  Mark is a professor of Media at NYU who stepped forward and responded to the ugly article produced by Eric Alterman, a columnist at The Nation.  Both are Liberals.  I do not know how Miller got in touch with Morgan, she never told me and he does not remember as of October 2018.  

Honest Journalism?

The information which reaches us as print, online articles, and television, is created through a process that depends on the honesty of journalists and editors.  Not every fact is checked, in fact, all too often no facts are checked.  Remember the example of Stephen Glass at The New Republic. 
From 2003 on, Fund’s focus was destroying my credibility for reasons having nothing to do with Morgan.  Morgan had no credibility with those who knew her.  He had his reasons which then went beyond his own encounters with her.
   I have always been a firm believer in telling the truth, and Fund was realizing I had been growing to doubt his honesty for years.   I had tried not to awaken him to this awareness, starting in the early 90s because I thought it could be educational to keep him talking. At the time I did not suspect a relationship with BushCo, but one with Koch and through them with Oil Interests.  Cheney’s relationship with Big Oil had evaded my notice. 
   No one in Morgan’s family would have testified to her honesty or decency. Everyone in the family knew, from long experience, she could not be trusted.  I had, briefly, hoped Morgan had changed because Morgan had told the truth about her relationship with Fund, proving this, while Fund had lied.  Taping Fund had worked for Morgan. 
   Now that I understand psychopathy Morgan’s behavior makes sense.  She knew if she could activate me into Mother-Mode she could extract resources from me and motivate me to pressure Fund to act appropriately.  I knew about the abortion and projected on her the sadness I would have felt if I lost a baby.  Since Morgan had been around when I lost my last baby in 1989 not long before Abigail, the name I had already given her, was to be born.   Morgan knew how deeply I felt the loss.  She played on this. 
   Morgan started calling me from John’s New Jersey apartment as soon as he left for work in July of 2001.  She wanted advice on cleaning, furniture, and spent lots of time describing what she had found.  Her photos were not very good, but they told the story.  The proliferation of documents all over the place was a real education for her, evidently.  I hoped it would work out.  My life was calmer, at least for a few days. 
   I did not believe her when she told me he was battering her.  Morgan had always lied, you see.  The stories changed, sometimes it seemed like Fund was fine. That revelation did not come until November when I heard her battered by Fund for myself on an open phone line to me in California.  From mid-November, I think, on, I could hardly sleep. 
  This was when Ayn said we should let Fund solve the problem.  But how do you let someone be battered to death? 
  I told John he should stop; I told him he needed to get her medical care.  The idea of them getting married struck me as insane; but if they agreed, I was willing to host the event to give them what they wanted.   
  And then, Morgan left him; because I later realized, I had committed myself to pay for her new Manhattan apartment. Morgan likely thought I was firmly enough hooked to continue supporting her. When I really, emotionally, accepted she had not a single qualm about aiding in killing me and Arthur, it still took a long time for me to stop grieving for a relationship that had never existed.   

​I just hung up from a call with our Chief Technology Officer, Chris, who suffered through years with a brother who was psychopathic. If you have not faced this problem, count yourself fortunate. 

       John Fund's Lies