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NeoCons CAN be TragiComic
Laughing is better than anger or tears

It was tough taking the idea of Morgan and John Fund getting married seriously, when all was said and done.  ​​
   I persisted despite the bizarre behavior of each party because they kept talking about it between the bouts of domestic violence and John's continuous solicitations of other women to support him, commit libel for him, perhaps murder Morgan for him...Oh, no, that was John's Number One Fan Gene Giocumbo, who tried to break into Morgan's apartment later in to eliminate the problem of Fund's inability to control Morgan, especially after she moved out of his apartment, necessitating his moving into the apartment I was paying for in Manhattan. 
   It occurred to me at the time this should really be a soap opera, an interactive soap opera which allows you, the audience, to pick the actors, research the people they are playing and extend this story. Proof is essential, and we provide it through links to documents, emails, videos, audios, photos and more.
   Now, an Interactive Soap Opera, that has the benefit of being a commercial venture which might help me pay off the debts Morgan still owes me.  
Interactive TV
You have seen "Survivor", "American Idol", "So You Think You Can Dance?" The opportunity these provide for a small slice of intersction is the reason they are at the top of the charts.
   Interactive TV can change everything.  Suddenly, you can dig into the lives of the characters being portrayed. Ask Questions, compare notes with other watchers; suggest what is really happening; use tallies to see opinions begin to coalesce around reality as you slash through the spin of the Main Stream Media.  

Ah Ha! Moments abound as you check out the facts.  And you are not stuck with this single soap opera.  You can add characters to the plot by proposing characters you have discovered add to the story.  You send your documentation, we check them out and include the material for use. You will appear on the credits. So if your Uncle Clement was the Manager of John Fund's apartment building, you may have stories which your Uncle will enjoy sharing.      

As the scene opens you participate, hit the WayBack Machine, find Fact Goodies long buried and drag them into the light.  Hear from people who were there at the time and have now realized what was actually going on. 

We have created this site to provide you with our research and ideas for direction for your own investigations, providing chatrooms so you can compare notes on your favorite characters and find out more about them.  

This provides the challenge which also allows us to award Goodies provided by our sponsors.  

So at the same time you are watching the show you are actually playing a game with real prizes.  These could include a geopolymer house, built for you where you have always wanted to live. 

Imagine, protected from fire and flood.  Real sustainability.   

Along with posing questions, doing research, having tallies (Think of these as InstaVotes) allowing everyone to see in real time what people are 'getting' and what needs more work, viewers can collaborate in our online chatrooms on topics which they are pursuing, bringing results back to the Show. We have to tell you, Gaming took us in this direction but with Interactive TV, we arrive!

We are looking for producers, sponsors, advertisers, and - actors.  Auditions will be starting soon, so keep a watch out for the announcements.

Some talent does not appear on camera.  We need researchers, writers, directors, producers, Broadcast Producers, especially those who were news directors in this era, crew, If one of the parts calls to you, because you look like the character, or have studied one of these characters and feel you could correctly portray them, let us know.  

The Characters
 Bad Guys First


John Fund - Minion-In-Chief for Cheney. A clumsy, overlooked nerd as a lad in Fair Oaks, California, 
Young John knew what he wanted and started collecting trading cards of politicians at a young age.  Actually a Republican, he was in the newly founded Libertarian Party the means for rapid advancement, learning about Dirty Tricks from Ed Crane, who would go on to found Cato Institute with the money provided by The Brothers Koch.
Morgan Pillsbury - Morgan was much like the psychopathic father she never met, Richard Lee Barteaux.  Richard died at age 43 of alcoholism, having made the lives of his adoptive family a nightmare from childhood on. Her adoptive family experienced the same unbridled demands and lack of conscience from Morgan. This is why only Melinda was concerned when it seemed Fund was going to kill her.  Mothers are stupid that way.   
Dick Cheney - Mild-mannered with those whose good opinion mattered, underneath the bland facade lurked the persona of Darth Vader.  Killing off a million or more Iraqis did not faze him; having Morgan disposed of was fine - as long as it cleared his much-needed Minion-in-Chief, John Fund from possible charges.  Always thinking ahead, Cheney told Fund to make sure Morgan was in Tower One, early on 9/11.   
Craig Franklin - has often said all women should be euthenized at age 30.  He has been forced to compromise, occasionally.  Craig wanted to bed Morgan because his sexual fantasies centered on incest.  Brilliant with computers, Craig was the go-to guy to ensure an airliner, drone, surveillance job was done early and well.  The prices, however were not negotiable.  And so it was when Craig encountered Fund in Morgan's hotel room on October 27, 1998.
Dan O'Dowd - Being raised in a Skinner Box gave Dan a Pavlovian viewpoint on people and the world. Determined to become wealthier than Bill Gates he conspired with Franklin to steal Green Hills Software, In., from the founding partner, Glenn Hightower and set out on his journey with destiny to become the major purveyor airliner take-over, Attack Drone Avionics Programming, surveillance state programming.   
Sidney Blumenthal - Sid saw himself as an insider, a player, positioned to take power through covert actions carried out to fulfill agendas not visible to the public.  Otherwise, he was a nice guy who rubbed his wife's feet regularly, enjoying the perks of power. 

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