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Laughing is better than anger or tears

It was tough taking the idea of Morgan and John Fund getting married seriously, when all was said and done.  ​​
   I persisted despite the bizarre behavior of each party because they kept talking about it between the bouts of domestic violence and John's continuous solicitations of other women to support him, commit libel for him, perhaps murder Morgan for him...Oh, no, that was John's Number One Fan Gene Giocumbo, who tried to break into Morgan's apartment later in to eliminate the problem of Fund's inability to control Morgan, especially after she moved out of his apartment, necessitating his moving into the apartment I was paying for in Manhattan. 
   It occurred to me at the time this should really be a soap opera, an interactive soap opera which allows you, the audience, to pick the actors, research the people they are playing and extend this story. Proof is essential, and we provide it through links to documents, emails, videos, audios, photos and more.
   Now, an Interactive Soap Opera, that has the benefit of being a commercial venture which might help me pay off the debts Morgan still owes me.  

The Score Card
  (You asked for it)  
The Characters in the ongoing drama (And are they characters) 
John of Funds - The powerful (just ask him) and dynamically doddering and balding protector of Truth, Justice, and the American Way presently publicly employed as a mild mannered reporter qua pundit who hangs out at the Wall Street Journal between appearances in far more lucrative arenas, such as the Reagan Library and doing duos with George Roche.  In a past incarnation, the promoter of Trekkie Conventions who tapes quotes from Yoda in his bathroom in Jersey City. In yet another past incarnation a member of the Hitler Youth. John infiltrates Libertarian events and organizations, pretending to be one, but actually John has always been a registered Republican.                                                   (John Fund)
Morgan (Le Fay) Stillsmery - The somethingish confused young woman whose addiction to Star Wars and Kevin Costner makes her the perfect foil and dogsbody for Fund. She is biologically challenged, becoming pregnant every time John passes near her. Otherwise, she spent her time cleaning house, being battered and scanning National Security abandoned on the floor or next to the toilet by John. 
                                             (Morgan Pillsbury Gell)
Paol Pinrap - The long suffering editor in chief of the Wall Street Journal who is stalwartly ignoring the oh, so, public private life of his mightly opinionated pagination editor.                                         (Paul Gigot)
Leslie the Georgist - A molder of young minds from Washington DC who is delighted to mold herself to the unusual form of John Fund upon his infrequent demand. 
                                              (Leslie George)         
Carol Supine Moaner - The blond bimbo from New York; the trampoid temptress who was not satisfied to satisfy John of Fund (You got to swallow.) Wants more Fund. Now. Employed as a caretaker for abused women. Wants to be one herself.
                                             (Carol Divine Molin)
Alexander of Cowlick - Also known as Sash. A humble genius law student at Princeton plotting to overthrow his brother as most valuable child.....    (Sasha Volokh)
Ungatine of Cowlick - Morgan's former flame; an enhanced IQ of 2100 and a frisky form that savors all formulations of excess in and out of his class schedule as a professor of law at UCLA. Clerked for Sandra Day O'Connor in a gorilla suit.   (Eugene Volokh)
Arthur the Author - A figure of dignity when silent. Listens and advises our nubile Morgan while she rescues him from eminent and frequent computer catastrophies.
                                                (Arthur Preager)
Barbara the Bezerker - She is reportdly hosting her ninth memorial service for a distant friend after having absconded with his furniture and ashes after his untimely death.  Looking for places to register gift items for memorial services since the weddings (34 to date) never seem to come off.             (Barbara Herbrick)
Groper PFornquit - A genderly confused but enhanced youngish man of interesting and eclectic hbits presently living very near his mama in Washington DC.  He and John play with each other on Wednesday nights.               (Grover Norquist)
John Longley - The pantingly intrepid reporter, former cop, former attorney, former FBI agent, former exotic dancer, former PETA activist, who is hot on the trail of the formidable Fundish and his hypocritically inclined semi-divinity. 
                                               (John Connelly)
Melinda Stillsmery-Falter - The mother of the Morgan LeFey who was once involved romantically with the Formidable Fund herself.  In another incarnation.  Now lurking in Santa Barbara with a few of her other numerous children for whom she is still trying to find homes.  Inquiries welcome.             (Melinda Pillsbury-Foster)
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