When John Fund Battered Morgan Pillsbury
September 4, 2001 - February 19, 2002

Remember that?  Remember the article by John Connolly , Sex, Lies and the Tape – The John Fund Story?   Published September 4, 2001.

How did Fund manage to evade the charges?  He had help from a friend in High Places, Dick Cheney

Fund claimed Morgan lied.  But it was Fund who lied.   He was ordered by Dick Cheney, the first number on Fund’s cell phone, to do whatever was necessary to make the ‘problem’ threatening Fund’s reputation go away. 

Cheney demanded Fund get Morgan to sign a statement saying she had lied.  Fund battered Morgan into doing so the first time on December 4, 2001 in the apartment they were sharing.

I had not believed Morgan on December 4, 2001 EMAIL when she wrote me Fund had orders from Cheney to obtain, by any means, a letter from her saying she had lied. From the Email verbatim: - "This morning Mr. Fund forced me to write a letter denying the charge of beating me, He is a friend of VP Cheaney,and a charge like this could hurt his carrier. I wish to get out and am trying to, but it hasn't been easy and I am terrified of him. I wrote the letter at around 8 am today and it is almost 7pm now. I will seal this email account and not open it until asked by the court.Morgan(Carolyn) Pillsbury"

Morgan called me to tell me not to open the email (I was not on the internet at the time) until she told me it was safe to do so. She said the subject line was "legal letter-fund"  The tone of her voice persuaded me to do as she said.  I thought about it, but restrained myself.

Christmas was a nightmare for me that year. I agreed to host a wedding in Santa Barbara.  I rescinded this on January 16, 2002 when I found out Fund was still beating Morgan and Morgan had sent a scanned version of the invitation to the media, against strict orders from me.  The wedding was to be small and private. WEDDING ARRANGEMENTS  

I knew Morgan was being battered; because I heard this take place over my phone when Morgan left her cell phone live as Fund came in the door. I could hear the blows being delivered; her cries of pain; his demonic laughter. Only then did I believe her.   
Morgan moved into the apartment at 60 East 9th Street in Manhattan on January 19, 2002. As far as I knew she would not see Fund again.  Fund forced his way into her apartment on January 24, 2002.

Fund gave Morgan the checks she had recertified months before, found in the trash heap of his apartment.

January 19, 200-   Email to Morgan documenting gift of checks
      "From:   [email protected]
      To:      [email protected]

Anything I can do.Is it enough?John" 

January 19, 2002 - 12:10 AM -
Email from John Fund to Morgan at her Mrsdewinter email address
      "From: [email protected]
      To:    [email protected]

      I am sorry for the pain I have caused,I don't know what came over me.John
     -----Original Message-----
      From: [email protected]
      To: Fund, John
      Sent: 1/19/02 4:14 AM
      Subject: (no subject)

      Thank you for the checks,It was very sweet.C"

   Two Extorted Statements
   December 4, 2001 & February 24, 2002

On January 24, 2002 Fund forced his way into her apartment in Manhattan, and again threatened her unless she signed a statement he dictated to her, as the first had been.  This time he marched her down to a notary and forced her to have the document notarized.

Fund also began living with Morgan in the apartment I rented at 60 East 9th Street, Manhattan. 

Morgan did not tell him I was coming to NY to see some plays with an old friend, Mike Grossberg, a theater critic. I called, a few streets to the place to tell Morgan I would be there soon.  I heard Fund yelling in the background. 

Arriving, Fund had fled – but Morgan’s face was bloodied and she was doubled over in pain.  She experienced rectal bleeding. I saw the blood in the bathroom and forced her to tell me why. She was also terrified and refused to file a police report or seek medical care.

Only on February 21 would she do so, and only because an acquantance of her's Gene Gaudette, explained to her why she needed a restraining order. POLICE REPORTS RESTRAINING ORDER

As a witness to the battery and as such had a moral and legal obligation to provide evidence a crime had been committed.  The DA’s office in Manhattan refused to return my calls and rushed through a trial, ignoring my existence and the contacts from Eric Buchanan, the other person who heard Morgan being battered while she was still living with Fund at his Jersey City apartment. Statement from Buchanan  

Eric had been ejected from Free Republic for the crime of believing Morgan.  He believed her because of what he heard. Statement on Free Republic  

I was not permitted to provide a statement; I was not permitted to testify to having found Morgan bloodied and bent over in pain when I walked into the apartment I rented for her..  Fund’s attorneys did not mention my presence; the DA’s Office in NY never mentioned me or Buchanan.  I never saw the criminal complaint.  I did not know when the case was heard.

These are the issues:

How much power would a person have to possess to get DA Robert Morganthau to follow orders which violated the procedures for handling a case of battery?

How important to the Person With Power would John Fund have to be to warrant doing so? 

What is the likely identity of this Person With Power sufficient to pull off this cover-up?'

Morgan mis-spelled his name, as she often did, having dropped out in the 8th Grade.  
But he is identified as 'VP'.  I knew who she meant.  I just could not understand why 
Dick Cheney, Vice President of the United States, would be moved to protect Fund from
The consequences of his actions.  

But later I did understand - and that is why NeoCons is in production.

How was the need to alter public perception of what happened carried out?

​Cheney was likely also involved in the Media Redirection for Fund 

Next Week:  How John Fund with 'Associates' on the Left Changes What You Think

          The real issue was never ideologies; it was, and remains, money and power.