"Where did you get that?" is a fair question. This site and its fellows have gotten sources from sone unusual places.  I have gotten tips from people who asked to remain anonymous, found information on a multitude of sites, and also, finally, after many years of avoidence, begun going though the mountain of scans sent to me in floods by my former relation, Morgan Gell. Documents and other items are sourced by date. If the list gets too long I will also alphabetize it by the person who provided it to me or where it was found during research.   
Letter - From David Hansford to Brock d'Avignon, CEO of PhoneVoter TV Networks, February 28, 1992

October 2001 - Emails between Morgan, John and Melinda

December 4, 2001- [email protected] - An email from Morgan which I was not to open.  I did not do so for some time.

Letter from Fidelity Investments - January 25, 2002 

Letter and conversations with John P. Slevin - A long-time acquaintance of Fund's in Sacramento who was active in the Libertarian Party there.