The Game Plan,
​NeoCon Strategies

 Standard NeoCon Strategies

Strategy One - Lie
  Just Make Up a Lie - It Usually Works 

  Cheap, simple, always ready and at hand.

 Fund lied to be about having a sexual relationship with Morgan in March 1999.  As a result, I believed him over her when she called to ask for help in late September that year.
  I knew nothing about their encounter as I was in the hospital having a corneal transplant and had not talked to Morgan since March 1998 when she had tried to earn the $10,000 Craig Franklin, my estranged husband, had paid her to persuade me to stop her brother Arthur's life support. Arthur had been driven into a depression after his motorcycle accident six months before by Craig, who told him he was worthless and should die.  Nice guy, Craig.  If I had known what Craig intended Arthur would never have been allowed to have lunch with him, just for starters.    
      Morgan told me she needed Arthur's heart for a transplant because her cardiologist had told her she needed a  transplant.  After agonizing hours, I refused.

Strategy Two - When the above fails, hire journalists to lie for you.
    John Fund thought he had eliminated Morgan as a threat at the end of 2001. His buddies Dick Cheney and Karl Rove had impressed on the need to do so.  But Morgan stubbornly refused to go along with Fund's lies that she was 'just crashing on the couch' and on and on.  John had asked Morgan to move in to work on their relationship.  She had done more work there than in her entire past life cumulatively.  Now, she expected to be paid back for the funds she had spent and for her time - and also to get the doubtful benefit of marriage.  
   But Morgan had not calculated in the fact John was just as psychopathic as she was herself.  Not that this should have mattered.  If the psychopath delivers what was promised, you pay them.  Paying Morgan what she was owed would have allowed her to move out, an option she considered seriously when nursing her cuts and bruises after one of Fund's 'Punishment' sessions.
  Two people heard these delivered, listening at different times on the phone, horrified and the obvious pleasure in Fund's voice as he hammered the much, much smaller woman.  The two people were Melinda Pillsbury-Foster and Eric Buchanan.  Both would so testify, then and now, and tried to do so. The truth is the truth, it makes no apology and needs no excuse. 
    John found 'journalists' to lie for him. Some he persuaded he was telling the truth, confiding in them amid large signs and confessions he had shown 'errors in judgment.'
   The paid cadre was lead by  Eric Alterman. 

Strategy Three - Hire Operatives

  When billions are on the line this is well worth the minor cost. 
  If you say it loud enough and often enough people start to think it has to be true.  But it is as important to know what is true in these instances as it is in every other question we face.  Not asking should never be considered as an option.  The Ninth Commandment was intended to ensure lies did not work.  One of the shows on Freedom Interactive, now being planned is False Witness.  The site will be up at the beginning of October as we start signing up people to tell their stories. Melinda is going first.  
Morgan Pillsbury Gell, the bane of Melinda's life, her biological daughter who is a psychopath. 

Strategy Four - John Fund's Personal Strategy 
    So many people to screw over - so little time 
  1.  Give the woman a rush with significant looks, hugs, dinner at the Firebird (Oops, that is closed now), letters and e-mail. 
2.  Either invite them to New Orleans (does this replicate some early experience in your youth?)  or go back to their place for a quick screw.
You gloat, having gotten something for nothing.   
3.  Become distant.  Talk about problems, your feelings being too intense or other blather.   
4. Either recycle them for another sexual experience or dump them.   
5. Have several women going at all times at different points on the chart.   
6. Keep the letters, and others laying around your apartment so the intensely curious Morgan can read them to her mother to their mutual shock and consternation. 

Strategy Five -  Hire an Attorney to muscle them.
John Connolly, who wrote Sex, Lies & The Tape experienced this, despite the fact he is a respected journalist who has never engaged in the outlandish lies and nasty pranks usual to Fund. 
  Facing an expose commiserate with the size of the lies Fund had put out about his chastity, courage, and love of Liberty, Fund hired an attorney, John J. Walsh, to intimidate Talk Magazine into dropping the story Connolly had written. 
Letter and Billing from John J. Walsh, Atty at Law
Dated:  November 16, 2001
      It was like this.  John uses attorneys as weapons to protect his lies and other behavior which, otherwise, would put him in jail.  We need to ask if this is an appropriate use of our legal system. 


The strategies used all deny us full access to the facts, leaving us open to the insertion of lies which serve the Elites.  When you got misty-eyed watching Geo. W. mourn his father you were watching one of these shows.  Your empathy was betraying you into elevating W, forgetting his many crimes and those of his father. 
      Read a text book on Social Psychology, the Elites use them routinely.