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The Conversion 
Below demonstrates the 'fact conversion' carried out by 
Eric Alterman for John Fund

The slanders and libels were carried out by converting The Connolly Story, Story One, September 4, 2001.   
Sex, Lies, and the Tape - The John Fund Story - by John Connolly
This article is about John Fund and his hypocrisy. Morgan is positioned as a young and innocent victim. She was 21 when the relationship started and very experienced. I had no idea how many lies Morgan had told Connolly until I read it online.   

From Story One Story Two is created out of whole cloth by John Fund, with assistance from Eric Alterman and The Nation Magazine titled, "Back Into the Muck." 
This story cites an article appearing in Page Six which uses the facts from Story One. 

Comparison - Stories One and Two
In 2003 Alterman & Fund enlarged on their original flight of furtive fantasy.  This fills in the vast silence about what was happening in reality, outside of Fund's fevered fantasies.

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