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  The Conversion 
Below demonstrates the 'fact conversion' carried out by 
Eric Alterman for John Fund

The slanders and libels were carried out by converting The Connolly Story, Story One, September 4, 2001.   
Sex, Lies, and the Tape - The John Fund Story - by John Connolly
This article is about John Fund and his hypocrisy. Morgan is positioned as a young and innocent victim. She was 31 when the relationship started and very experienced. I had no idea how many lies Morgan had told Connolly until I read it online.   

From Story One Story Two is created out of whole cloth by John Fund, with assistance from Eric Alterman and The Nation Magazine titled, "Back Into the Muck." 
This story cites an article appearing in Page Six which uses the facts from Story One.
The only real question is, "What did John Fund arrange as payment for Eric's efforts?" 

Comparison - Stories One and Two
In 2003 Alterman & Fund enlarged on their original flight of furtive fantasy.  This fills in the vast silence about what was happening in reality, outside of Fund's fevered fantasies. Really, Eric Alterman should write fiction all the time.  Try a story about Wendy McElroy. 

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And Even More Oozing Out From Connolly's Article and Cheney's Order:
To Quote Dick Cheney, "Do Whatever is NECESSARY!"

Walsh Letter & Billing  
Why is it even attorneys love attorney jokes?

Attack by Attorney - Paul Hastings
Taking down Ruthless People.com

Sex, Lies & the Tape
Naturally, this follows the Walsh Letter

Mark Crispin Miller - Eric Alterman
Mark points out the discrepancies in Alterman's article; Eric babbles

Really Important Pages on This Site

October 2001

Emails between Morgan, John and Melinda

December 4, 2001- [email protected]

An email from Morgan which I was not to open

Letter from Fidelity Investments - January 25, 2002

The immediate cause of Fund's circumnavigation of Morgan's Coffee Table 

Fund's Early Life
Fund learned cheating along with begging for jobs and Star Wars

Wedding Arrangements
 Morgan, the horrible to marry the fiendish Fund 

Throw Momma From the Train
The Scheme thought up by Dan and Craig over lunch

John Fund Life and Stories
If you had really known him you would have dropped the acquaintance

John Fund - Disinformation Agent for Neocons
What year was it when Cheney decided on his Halliburton Strategy?

John Fund - #MeToo! Take Note & Fund's Career
The Bumbling Cleverness of Fund, in service to POWEwwwwR!

For the Love of Power & Wealth - Stop PhoneVoter TV!
The Coming Together - Bush-Clinton & Minions 

Fund - Early Life
If his mother had really known him SHE would have dropped the acquaintance

September 11, 2001 & Love Unravelling
Morgan, You Must Be in Tower One When The Bank Opens! Replace My Bankcard!

Liar, Liar -- It's Required-- Cheney said so, "Get it Done!"
Beat Morgan Up! So She'll Write She Was Not Beaten -- This Time Get It Notarized!
WaterBoarding Worked -- We Got The Written Statements, Didn't I!

Cheney's War - Oil, Power and Total Surveillance
We pause to shuffle what you think is happening.

An Object Lesson in Psychopathic Values
Craig Franklin and other psychopaths

The Guilty Parties
So, what are we going to do about it? 

And Because You Really NEED to Know

Craig Franklin's Sex Family
Craig likes them young and trusting

and To Hell and Back!

Joy Stewart of the California Federation of Republican Women
Defending the honor of John Fund. What Tape?
Should have asked, "What honor?" 

1999 Transcript of recording between Morgan and Craig
As Misho said, Future, Future, Future!

They do it for Money, Power, Sex and because they enjoy harming others

Why Cheney-Fund Went After Melinda


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