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The Stories and the Time Line 
Sex, Lies and The Tape - The John Fund Story
​by John Connolly
Published, September 4, 2001
To read the full and uncommented original use this  LINK

Connolly's issue is hypocrisy
Corrections by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, are in BlueThe quote on which I am commenting is Bolded.  
"When the stone thrower himself lives in a glasshouse, it is a matter of legitimate public interest."

Connolly provides examples:
John Fund, the forty-six-year-old writer on the staff of the Wall Street Journals' editorial page, has staked out a position as a man of integrity. On his frequent appearances on cable and network talk shows, he espouses the position of the right-wing conservatives. He is friends with people in the Bush White House. He is a dear friend of Conservative Grover Norquist. He recently met with Vice President Cheney. During the Clinton presidency, he wrote often of the terrible acts committed by Clinton against women. On his appearances on Television evangelist Pat Robertson"700 Club" show, he often condemns those who do not live up to the highest moral standards. This conservative pundit seems to be on television more often, than "I Love Lucy" reruns. Although he portrays himself as a voice of the religious right, the never-married Fund has cut a wide swath of sexual relationships through-out the Libertarian and Conservative parties. He's a regular right-wing Lothario. He is also a hypocrite.

There is nothing newsworthy about consensual sex between two unmarried adults, even if one of those supposed adults, acts badly. But, when a high profile public person stakes out the moral high ground, that person had better not be standing on quicksand. A few months age, Morgan Pillsbury a twenty-seven-year-old woman, contacted me with information about her former lover of three years, John Fund. Although I heard stories of Fund's less than cavalier treatment of women and particularly his Clintonesque treatment of one particular woman, I did not think that information worthy of a story. Amusing gossip yes-newsworthy no. But, the story Morgan told, gave me pause. If her allegations were true, Fund's relationship with her was not only bizarre; it was treacherous and bordered on the perverse. To back up her story of the bad behavior of John Fund, she furnished me with a tape recording she made of a conversation she had with Fund. The
tape and conversations with Morgan's' mother, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster and others confirmed Morgan's tale.

Morgan was 34. Morgan always lied about her age, along with other inconvenient facts.   

Twenty years ago, Melinda and John Fund both worked for the then-fledgling Libertarian party in California. Fund was the executive director of the local party in Sacramento. Melinda, who at the time was the mother of four children, she would have three more, began a sexual relationship with the much younger Fund.
 "John and I had a sexual relationship for four or five years. When he moved east, we remained friends. It never really ended." [CORRECTION I believe I said romantic relationship.  By this, I meant Fund kept pursuing me after I told him it was over about two after it started.  We had seen each other once during that period.] Melinda who is still active in the Libertarian party went on to say, "Six or seven years ago, John called and during the conversation, he told me, "Melinda if any of your children come east, have them look me up." I didn't realize that he was using me as a dating service!" Last year Melinda learned that not only had Fund been sleeping with Morgan, he was the father of the child she would abort. [CORRECTION - I learned Fund was sleeping with Morganin late September or early October of 1999 by listening to The Tape which accompanied this article.  Morgan made it in an attempt to persuade me this time she was not lying.  

I never 'worked' for the Libertarian Party. I was an officer holding positions such as Southern California Vice-Chairman and Representative to the National Committee.  John was a paid employee.  Otherwise, he was engaged in schemes to defraud the LP as his only activity of note. See Slevin Letter  I conveyed John's offer to the kids.  This took place around 1993 before I had realized his character was not what was acceptable. Not surprisingly, none of them contacted him.  The offer coming when the younger girls were in college, struck all of us as odd.     

Not only had Fund violated his twenty-year-old friendship with Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, he, much like Congressman Gary Condit (Fund recently wrote a scathing indictment of Condit's behavior) insisted that Morgan keep their three-year affair secret. See
Morgan Pillsbury Gell

Morgan was 23 years old the first time than 43 years old Fund, took her to bed. Sounds all too familiar, doesn't it? According to Morgan, John Fund was the third man she had been intimate with. She had contacted him when she moved to the New York area after a bad breakup with her previous boyfriend. Instead of receiving consolation from the man who had on occasion been her babysitter back in California, Fund took her to bed. In 1999, confronted with an unplanned and apparently unwanted pregnancy, Fund abandoned Morgan and without attempting to dissuade her, allowed the distraught young women to have an abortion, without any support from him.

Morgan was 31, not 23. She always lied about her age. Morgan's career was finding a rich man to marry. Her previous attempts were Eddy Van Halen (8 years) and Eugene Volokh (3 years).   Morgan was invited to go with my estranged husband, Craig Franklin, to New York, London and Paris while she was being paid $5,000 a month to slander me, had found Craig the most vicious attorney in Santa Barbara, Jacqueline Misho (Remember the John Cleese After Divorce Tour? Jackie was his wife's attorney.) I would never have left John alone with my children.  Morgan invented this in its entirety.     

John Fund is a full-time writer for the Wall Street Journal. Yet, when I began researching a profile on Mr. Fund, he unlike most other journalists, began a campaign to kill the story. A source close to Fund told me a few days ago, that Fund and a confederate were attempting to plant a false and malicious blind item about two people at Talk magazine. They believed that the item would so frighten the victims that they would see to it that my profile of Mr. Fund was spiked. Mr. Fund and his pals can congratulate themselves, to protect innocent people from being attacked; I have pulled the piece from Talk magazine. Hence this abbreviated piece which is written solely to introduce the reader to John Fund on tape with Morgan Pillsbury, the mother of the aborted child.

See Walsh Letter and Billing  In 2003 he did the same to my webmaster to take down RuthlessPeople.

So there should be no confusion, this tape was made legally and given to me by Morgan Pillsbury. Ms. Pillsbury also gave me her permission to use her name, as did her mother Melinda Pillsbury-Foster. I have learned that very recently, Ms. Pillsbury who has experienced some financial difficulties, has at Fund's request, moved in with him. John Fund lives in an apartment in Jersey City, just a stone's throw from the Holland Tunnel. I have also been told that Mr. Fund, for whatever reason, has given Morgan cash and a new computer.

The following is a transcription of the tape of Morgan Pillsbury and John Fund. Mr. Fund makes mention of how he is being threatened by Melinda. He apparently believes that Melinda has no right to be angry for his deceiving her for three years, all the while sleeping with, and impregnation her oldest child. For those who doubt the veracity of the transcript or wish to hear the anger and seething hostility of John Fund, Please listen to the audiotape. John Connolly

Note: I wish to thank Michael Mann, who runs this web site, for his assistance.
Copyright 2001 by Weasel Search.com. All rights reserved.

What is Happening
Between Fund & Morgan
January 17, 2002 - Washington Post Article, A Reliable Source, by Lloyd Grove

"During the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, the Wall Street Journal's John Fund eagerly denounced Clinton in editorials, signed columns, and frequent television appearances. Now Fund is embroiled in a bizarre scandal of his own.
Yesterday the New York Post's Page Six column published a seamy account of the forty-something Fund's strange and stormy romance with twenty-something Morgan Pillsbury, quoting from a transcript of a tape-recorded 1999 phone conversation in which the sometimes lovers discussed an abortion she underwent after becoming pregnant by him. Pillsbury is the daughter of former California Libertarian Party official Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, with whom Fund also had an intimate affair two decades ago.
The Page Six splash -- much of which we independently confirmed yesterday in interviews with Fund, Pillsbury and her mother -- follows two recent items by MSNBC.com gossip Jeannette Walls, who claimed last week that Fund and Pillsbury are getting married, only to report yesterday that the wedding is off. Walls linked on the Web to the abortion phone call on the weaselsearch.com Web site. We confirmed yesterday that Pillsbury recorded the call without Fund's knowledge, then delivered the tape last summer to New York scandal-monger John Connally, who posted it on weaselsearch, along with the transcript, with Pillsbury's permission, Connally says. "This whole thing is like a high-class Jerry Springer episode," he gleefully told us." MORE
Note only some of the documents are available here.  Go to the John Fund Time Line for links to all documents.

December 29, 2001  -  Melinda's Email to Fund cautioning him to start telling the truth

Early 2002 -          Deposition by Manuel Klausner regarding the Blumenthal lawsuit

January 4, 2002        Wedding Arrangements
January 18, 2002 -     
Email from Gail Heriot to John Fund on the cancellation of the wedding.

January 19, 2002 -     
Email to Morgan documenting gift of checks 
January 21, 2oo2 -     
Email from Christine Reis Hall to John Fund, offering to provide, with her friend, Julie Currie, opposition research on Morgan
                   and Melinda. See link to understand this newly wedding Christian's special relationship with John.

January 24, 2002 -     
Notarized affidavit by Morgan, acquired by 
threats.  The 2nd page, with the notarization, is from Notary Lillian Cauchi at
                   332 Bleecker St.,  N.Y N.Y. 10014 Notary Public,  State of New York No. 10CA6033032. Commission expires November 8,
                   2005. Sworn to before me this 24th Day of January 2002.  Comparison of the affidavits

 (Looking back on this presented the following possibility.  Morgan was terrified, shaking and trembling, at the possibility of filing a police report after Fund's assault on February 19, 2002.  But she had done this at least twice in New Jersey, and now I believed we were beyond the political strings he had pulled in New Jersey with the local political establishment. And more importantly, Dick Cheney and his cabal are under fire as more evidence surfaces.)
   Morgan was living apart from John or would have been if he had not tracked her down and forced his way into her apartment. 
January 24, 2002 -     
Handwritten undated letter to the Wall Street 

January 25, 2002 -     
Letter from Fidelity Investments to Fund on 
finding another company to handle his retirement funds since he is no longer
                   working for the WSJ 

February 21, 2002 -     
Police Report, 2002, New York
                    E-mail message from the woman in question to 
Professor Gail Heriot of the University of San Diego School of Law. This email
                    was likely sent to Heriot by Morgan, who never mentioned her habits to Melinda   

February 24, 2002 -     
Fund is arrested while hiding in the Men's Room
at the Manhattan Institute

February 24, 2002 - Page Six - COLUMNIST ASSAULTED HIS EX: COPS

By Philip Messing                          February 24, 2002 | 5:00am

"Troubled Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund was arrested yesterday and charged with assaulting his ex-girlfriend, police said.
Fund, 46, had a stormy relationship with Morgan Pillsbury, the 27-year-old daughter of a former girlfriend, for more than two years before the couple broke up last month, police sources said.
Tuesday, Fund, famous for his attacks on President Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, allegedly went to Pillsbury’s East Village home and bruised her leg during an argument, the sources said.
The arrest caps a bizarre unraveling of the couple’s on-again, off-again relationship. Pillsbury told The Post’s Page Six last month Fund had been abusive to her but later attempted to retract the statement.
Pillsbury finally moved out of Fund’s Jersey City home in January, just as Pillsbury’s mother, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, who had a relationship with Fund 20 years ago, was announcing wedding plans for the couple.
A week later, the mom said she hoped the wedding wouldn’t happen.
Neither Pillsbury nor her mother could be reached for comment." 
Story Two
"Back Into the Muck"
​by John Fund and Eric Alterman
March 7, 2002

  Alterman's article on the 7th entirely changes the story told by Connolly, Page Six, Lloyd Grove and Cynthia Cotts. The Nation did NO fact-checking and has consistently refused to remove the story despite the proof of libel provided to them.  John Fund is included in the byline because it is clear he supplied the storyline and assertions. Because Alterman and Fund are the same kinds of 'gentlemen' and 'journalists' Alterman did not ask for anything it would be inconvenient for Fund to supply.
   Alterman's goal, displacing the facts -"Wall Street Journal editorial writer John Fund has landed on Page Six in a bizarre tale that is almost too weird to write down. It seems that a woman with whom Fund had an affair twenty years ago named Melinda Pillsbury Foster sent her daughter, Morgan, to look up Fund when she came to town. One thing led to another and the results appear to have been a live-in relationship and an abortion. This is strange enough for a Wall Street Journal editorial writer who, although very much a gentleman in person, penned some of the most vicious and irresponsible material about Clinton and the Democrats outside the columns of this magazine."
   No source for these assertions is even attempted by Alterman.
  This is a measure of the kind of lies Fund tells routinely and also indicates Alterman is cooperating with the insertion of lies into a situation that is not overtly political. Alterman's motivation has to be strong.  He not only repeated these same lies the next year in a critical period, the opening of the War on Iraq, but repeated these same outright and contradictory lies in his book, "What Liberal Media?" Initially, the book had two other co-authors who both took their names off the book, which is now sold with only Alterman as the author.  
  The subsequent stalling of the story in response to these lies came about through an intimate of Alterman's
Katherine Rosman, who persuaded Morgan and Melinda to give Elle, for which she said she worked as a writer, an exclusive on the story.
  A year later Elle dropped the story just as Rosman left for the Wall Street Journal job she still occupies. Letters to Elle Magazine 

May 14, 2002 - Village Voice, by Cynthia Cotts, "John Fund: Hope of Freedom"

   The article goes over the abuse and Morgan as the source for Fund having spread the story of Blumenthal battering his wife, which Fund knew was not true.  I had not reread the article since it was originally published but the quotes from myself are accurate. Notice the attempt to claim the photos taken by the police in my sight were not taken, although they are listed on the Police Report.  The failure of the DA's office to conduct a normal investigation are also noted. Morganthau turned over like a tame dog for whoever gave the orders he knew he could not ignore.     
   It is possible Morganthau was one of the many men who Doug Dechert had arranged to have a video session with a high-class call girl.  We had met Dechert at the Fabiani Society meeting while he was with Barbara Herbich, who died very unexpectedly on October 17, 2009. less than a week after Melinda lasted talked to her for the first time in ten years.      
   Since the Wall Street Journal had already fired Fund the effort to stifle the investigation had to have come from a higher level. Given Fund's usefulness to the Bush White House, this was probably Cheney and or Rove.      

Cynthia Cotts

  June 8, 2002 - RuthlessPeople.com goes up, paid for by Melinda to defend Morgan and herself from Fund's libels. Melinda did not understand how politically necessary Fund, a political operative and not strictly a journalist was to BushCo yet. Gene Gaudette is the webmaster, paid by Melinda. 

Morgan left Manhattan about this time.  She went into hiding because of an attempt on her life, a nearly successful break-in to her apartment.  The individual was filmed by the security cameras but the police refused to respond to a call to them, according to Morgan.  Melinda was on the phone with Morgan when the attempt occurs and heard it. 

June 23, 2002   -
SIDNEY BLUMENTHAL - Kiss off Email to Morgan

July 4, 2002 -   
Email response from Alterman July 4, 2003, Having failed to contact Morgan or Melinda before writing a hit piece on her Alterman
              blows off the objections received.   
September 23, 2002 - 
RuthlessPeople as it appeared on this date. 

2002 -
John Fund Deposition, NY

An Ominous Development 

            TimeLine To War     The Bush & Clinton Legacy of Death   

November 9, 2002 – An ordinary American becomes aware of events that point to a conspiracy for invasion.  “Articles appeared from NBCNews through Associated Press, in the Daily Mail, and Washington Post,  reporting offers from Saddam Hussein to leave Iraq before the invasion began either weeks before the date of the invasion or within days of the beginning of hostilities. This is followed by a demand issued by George Bush that Saddam and his sons leave within 48 hours before the scheduled invasion. A letter to this effect was issued from the White House and remains online today.
   If Saddam was willing to leave and be paid to do so we should have let him. Instead, we should have asked, seriously, who was responsible for the attack on America. Instead, we were kept off-balance and focused on the lies being produced by the NeoCons in their onslaught of justifications for attacking a country with no motive to have attacked us. Then no war would be necessary and we could return to focusing on our own country and the many problems confronting us. Then,  I trusted the good judgment of those in government to see this. I was wrong.  
    Saddam Hussein would leave, being paid as he exited. But I also expected an announcement which never came. This was an investigation of Bill and Hillary Clinton for entering into a dialog with Saddam the previous November and telling him no invasion was seriously planned. It was clear we were getting ready for war – why would the Clintons lie?
    I saw the correspondence between Saddam and the Clintons only partially, but these included one or two of the ongoing emails between traveling from Sidney Blumenthal to his son Max, and then to Uday Hussein. I was told by the person who had hacked Blumenthal's computer the previous summer that Saddam was negotiating through this backdoor so he could leave Iraq and be paid for doing so. The hacker was my daughter.  I found out when she forwarded me a draft chapter of the book Blumenthal was then writing.  I advised her to stop - but she felt justified because Blumenthal had done the same to her earlier.  To told her to stop sending me his correspondence and the draft chapters of Sidney's book, "Clinton's War."
    As for Saddam, leaving sounded like his best option.  But why would the Clintons tell him no invasion was imminent? You could tell it was going to happen.
As soon as I had realized what was happening, that shocking day in November 2002, I informed someone well known to me at the CIA expecting any necessary action would be taken. The Clintons with Blumenthal, I believed, were acting without the knowledge of the White House.
   Now, it appeared I had been very mistaken in trusting anyone within the U.S. Government.
   This unexpected breach in a confidential back door had revealed information already well known to
the Bush Administration. The assurances delivered by the Clinton via the Blumenthals, father and son, were orchestrated to lull Saddam into believing a deal had been cut, apparently. The only problem was the existence of a few people who had blundered into the scene playing out. That would be me, my hacker-daughter, and two other people we had trusted with the information.
    Now, we know the Bushes and Clintons were friendly after the end of the Clinton Administration. Hillary was receiving generous donations from Bush's 'Associates,' If Saddam thought they had the power to negotiate he probably had reasons for believing this was authorized.
The stories about Saddam leaving and being paid were cover to stall any statement by Saddam, inconvenient to the Bush Administration and overwhelm any possible action on his part before the invasion began.
     This is why these four additional names are included.  If they helped Bush they are also guilty. 


January 23, 2003 - 
Answer and Verified Counterclaim of John H. Fund in the case of Morgan Pillsbury v. John Fund, Citicorp Group and Jane Doe,
               Index No. 121868/02 (N.Y. Sup. Ct.)
               I found an attorney for Morgan, Gary S. Fish, 15 Maiden Ln # 1108, New York, NY 10038, Phone: (212) 964-5100.  Morgan
               wanted her property back and to be compensated for the money for work on Fund's apartment and at the WSJ Offices. 
               The case appears to have been used to force Morgan to settle with Fund over the issue of a letter Morgan sent to Gail Heriot, who
               Morgan knew Fund was having sex with, by their original agreement for monogamy, being unfaithful to her.
                   Heriot attempted to pressure Gene Gaudette to remove the original article and the tape the next year. Gene refused. (Only two
               pages are still available on the Wayback machine.  I wonder what Fund is trying to hide?)  

April 1, 2003 -   Letter to Group Professionals  Threatening letter to the webmaster of Ruthlesspeople.com, the site Melinda put up to defend Morgan
              against John's attacks. 

April 3, 2003 -   The PR Story by Dan O'Dowd.  Dan, the PR says, decides it is a good idea to give 100 orphans of veterans of the War in Iraq $5,000
              each for college. On the Website, Fallen Heroes - Last Wish Foundation  his thinking is stated as, "While watching a network broadcast showing the children of U.S. servicemembers who had been lost in the war in Iraq, Dan O'Dowd, CEO of Green Hills Software, Inc., realized that these children were shouldering the largest burden of the U.S. war effort. That is when the need for private action to provide for these children became clear to him." 
             O'Dowd spent $250.000 on his campaign for US Senate in the primary against Fienstein

April 7, 2003 -  John Fund's copy of the Uncertified Deposition by Morgan Pillsbury - Craig Franklin hands an enveloped copy of Morgan's Deposition to Anne Fisher, his then girl friend.  Anne, if asked, would testify it was a Green Hills envelope with the postage paid by the company in advance.  
     As they ate dinner Craig told Anne what the envelope contained. 

April 8, 2003 -  
RuthlessPeople is down.
April 9, 2003 -   Last Wish Foundation is incorporated by Green Hills Software, Inc.   
See the Conspiracy which made GHS worth Billions

April 10, 2003 -   Last Wish Foundation - The foundation and its objectives are announced.

May 11, 2003 -    
Email exchange Alterman and Morgan, Mother's Day 2003 Melinda, who was in NY, actually wrote the email as Morgan was not capable of doing so and relied on Melinda for providing literate responses.

May 15, 2003 - The Nation Magazine
"Who Framed John Fund?"
by John Fund and Eric Alterman 

John Fund

Eric Alterman

   "So the right-wing journalist John Fund may not be a model citizen, but contrary to the implications of many left journalists and gossip columnists, he’s likely not the kind of guy who pretends to want to marry women and then beats them up.
Sure, Sidney Blumenthal fingers Fund as the original source for the malicious rumor, published by Matt Drudge, alleging that Blumenthal had a history of spousal abuse. (Fund denies this.) And his record vis-à-vis the late Vince Foster and the entire nefarious “Arkansas Project” while working as a Wall Street Journal editorial writer brings him no honor, either as a journalist or a citizen. I’m sure a careful study of his work would fill a “how not to” book for journalism schools across the land."

   The article asserts more libels as facts, again, without sourcing these in any way. It is a blatant propaganda piece bearing no relationship to reality. The 'Leftist' slams are all for actions claimed by John Fund, for which he has boasted.  Fund bragged to acquaintances, including Melinda, he was responsible for driving Vince Foster to suicide. 
   The story of the Black Love Child, a true story, he told Melinda with a very different spin that what is related by Danney WilliamsWith the apparent exception of John Fund no one ever suggested Fund had impregnated Melinda.  Since this was not physically possible it was absurd.  Fund did know Melinda was pregnant in early 1983. She called him to let him know as a friend.  But they lived at other ends of the state of California and the two had not had intercourse. Fund had made out with Melinda for a short while - but he was heavily drunk. The father of Melinda's child was the man she later married, Craig Franklin. 
   The following report came from Morgan and is buttressed by later events.
   On the morning after Fund first slept with Morgan he told her, Morgan, he was the father of her youngest brother and therefore they could not marry. Morgan told him this was not what Melinda had told her and the other kids. To alleviate this problem, Morgan told Melinda, Craig agreed to go into court and claim to be Justin's father.  Craig was, in fact, Justin's father but had asked to adopt all of Melinda's children.  This took place on June 26, 1989.  Craig presented all of the children as his own. Documents exist to confirm this. Alterman used none of the information supplied by Morgan and never contacted Melinda, who was a witness to the abuse in New York and in New Jersey.

May 16, 2003 -  Letter via email  from Gail Heriot, Fund's occasional bedmate, to Gene Gaudette, Editor of American
             Politics Journal.

June 21, 2003 -  John Fund's hit site on Morgan
             This site was the work of Gail Heriot, who became John's 
'girl friend' and occasional bedmate on January
             18, 2002. 

Gail Heriot

July 14, 2003 -  The Nation Magazine  ‘Ugly Tactics Make for Ugly People.’
by  Eric Alterman and Mark Crispin Miller 

Mark Crispin Miller

John Fund  &   Eric Alterman

  Mark Crispin Miller's rebuttal dealt with each issue and debunked it.  Alterman showed no sign he had lost the argument, but he had done so.  What Fund desperately needed was to have at least one more journalist who would repeat the creative writing exercise Alterman had put together for John Fund.  Alterman's helpfulness also appears to have included setting up a great deal for his Arm Candy, Katherine Rosman, who we were told was a writer at Elle Magazine at the time this article was written.  Rosman contacted Morgan and we agreed to sign an exclusive. In fact, Rosman may have only been an intern at the time.
   Rosman then stalled the article for a year, dropping it entirely at the same time she got a job at the Wall Street Journal.  Elle correspondence on this are on the time line, as they occurred.    

July 22, 2003- Fox News
  "False Rape Charges Hurt Real Victims,"
                by Wendy MacElroy
​Exciting news for Wendy!  She gets a job at Fox News.

Wendy McElroy

John H. Fund

Eric Alterman

The article starts with false rape charges and then tacks on the story fabricated by John Fund. This is the only other media outlet that used these fabrications. Needless to say, Fox News was a hometown media outlet to Fund. This is the section that links to Morgan's name and mine.   

   "Even charges that are later revealed to be false can devastate the accused. Consider journalist John Fund (search), who was arrested on charges of domestic violence and publicly excoriated for sexual misconduct. The charges were later dropped.
Columnist Eric Alterman recently published an article entitled " Who Framed John Fund?"  There, Alterman chronicled the false accusations that haunt Fund. Once a high-profile presence on the Wall Street Journal's editorial page and a frequent television commentator, Fund now writes for the WSJ's far less prestigious Opinionjournal.com (search) and is rarely on TV.
    On his Web site, Fund posted a notarized affidavit from his accuser, stating, "Mr. Fund has not been abusive to me contrary to what I said in reports to the Jersey City police." This is dated He has also posted the transcript of a deposition in which she testifies under oath that she has "borderline personality disorder." Nevertheless, it is not clear whether Fund's career will recover."
    The story on the affidavit did not make any sense to me until earlier this year when I finally started going through the thousands of files and pictures Morgan had sent me while this issue was active.  Morgan, as in every other part of her life, was incapable of putting a title or date on anything so it was like sifting through a haystack including her art projects, meaningless comments, and more.  Two Statements, both battered out of Morgan
August 2003 -  Statement from Eric Buchanan of Roswell, Georgia, on Fund's abuse of Morgan.

August 30, 2003 -  Incest Porn  purchased by Craig Franklin and found in his trash by Melinda's PI and the bag containing these and other items was
               brought directly to her and opened as he watched.  The provided the explanation for Craig's insistence on adopting Melinda's
               children.  He wanted to get them to trust him and then rape them. He confessed this was his primary sexual fantasy to one of the
                women who contacted Melinda through the website she put up to inform potential victims of his propensities.    
October 6, 2003 -  Declaration by Morgan Pillsbury alleging criminal fraud by Franklin.

2004 -          Notes on Fund Deposition from Gary Fish to Morgan Pillsbury

June 11, 2004 -  Letter to Elle Magazine from Melinda regarding canceled article Katie Rosman asked for an exclusive and then stalled writing the
             article until it was expedient for John. This appears to have been arranged through Eric Alterman, who dated Katherine Rosman, who
             he referred to as, "arm candy."

August 27, 2004 -
Letter regarding Elle Article from Jennifer Bambi,
April 20, 2005 - Last Page of John Fund's website JohnFund.com
August 4, 2005 - JOHN FUND
Letter to David Steinberger re Mark Crispin Miller  John Fund enlisted the assistance of Gail Heriot in a campaign of
             slander and libel based on evidence which was constructed from coerced declarations and evidence obtained through an exchange of
             favors with Green Hills Software, Inc.  The letter below is a continuation of this campaign which began in 2003, this time libeling Mark
             Crispin Miller, who challenged Eric Alterman in The Nation. 
October 18, 2005 - 
District Attorney, Morganthau letter to Gary Fish, Atty.
               Why did Morganthau ignore the law and cover for  Fund, claiming the records, kept on his own desk, had been lost?

April 26, 2006 - John Fund vs The Truth - ARTICLE: Antiwar.com
        John Fund vs The Truth, by Justin Raimondo 
          Justin and Eric Garris waited to publish this material, some of it for 20 years hoping John would do something nice for him.  Lew
         Rockwell told Melinda this the day the article came out. 
July 14, 2006 -  Morgan drops the lawsuit against Fund, having drained 
Melinda dry of funds,  emotionally assaulted and slandered her. You
             cannot say Morgan is not consistent.
2006 -       
Letter from John P. Slevin , long-time Libertarian who knew Fund in Sacramento

August 4, 2009 - Arthur Foster, Melinda's son, is awarded Social Security Disability .  He has been disabled since 1997 with Melinda as his sole caretaker.
August 23, 2009 -  Pillsbury-Foster Declaration I, 2009  - Declaration includes details of IRS resolution, payment of refunds.
               Promise to give me as my own separate property any refunds I received by filing the complaint against the IRS  and the statements
               of our children he said what I was doing could not work. 

August 27, 2009 -    “Morgan Pillsbury Gell Affidavit I, 2009 ,” Morgan's recollections of events during the period of the divorce, including others
                 cooperating with Craig to defraud  Melinda.  Cases Nos. 222675 & 233136

August 29, 2009 -  Declaration of Arthur Foster, 2009.   Statement from Arthur on the manipulations by Craig which caused the suicide attempt.  

August 29, 2009 -  Declaration by Morgan, 2009 II   Relates watching as  Craig and his attorney, Jacqueline Misho, stole the original Franklin Will so
              he could deny having adopted the children; Statement from Ron Foster he is no longer their father; Statement he will go to any
              lengths not to pay what is owed to Melinda 
September 30, 2009 - 
Letter from Office of the DA, NY 

December 4, 2009 -   Scott Franklin - Possible plea deal in murder for hire case.  Got the idea from Craig.  

March 15, 2010 - 
Letter from Anne Fisher , warning Craig may kill Melinda

April 18, 2013 -  Letter Received at MacPherson Corporate Headquarters  for Melinda Charges of Indecent Exposure against Green Hills Attorney, John

June 16, 2014 - Melinda puts up JohnFund.blogspot.com  

July 19, 2014 - Fund site is no longer available on the WayBackMachine.  URL leads

The NeoCons win by using threats, intimidation, placing disinformation agents, manipulating public opinion, dividing Americans, by assassination and stealing elections.  

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